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Taking Smart Vending and Retail to the Next Level with IoT-Enabled Devices

Enhance Security and Customer Experience with IoT-Enabled Smart Vending

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Advancements in cellular IoT connectivity and smart modules are accelerating the adoption of smart vending machines and retail solutions. Internet of Things (IoT) enablement for these solutions enhances data security, scalability and customer experience.

The addition of artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to gather more data and insights about transactions and customer interactions at the point of sale. These insights allow companies to quickly identify areas that need attention, from equipment problems to inventory replenishment.

Create Connected Smart Retail Solutions

Addressing these issues can maximize customer satisfaction and boost the likelihood of repeat business. This increased visibility presents opportunities for companies to expand into new business areas and generate additional revenue streams.

Building a Best-in-Class Ecosystem

Smart wireless modules are supported by IoT, an ecosystem of digitally connected devices. They are a critical component for the smart vending and autonomous retail sectors.

For vending machine companies, downtime is the biggest threat to revenue and customer retention. If a machine becomes inoperable due to an outage in connectivity, it can sometimes go unnoticed or unreported for an extended period. Moreover, the challenge becomes greater when vending machines are stationed in remote areas, or many customer fleet units are affected.

IoT smart modules provide vending companies and autonomous retailers with a highly sophisticated, dependable solution that is easy to design and build. Smart modules allow companies and retailers to focus on their core capabilities instead of the complex communication and payment systems, hardware, software and data.

For developers, smart modules simplify architecture with integrated functionalities that leverage Android™. This operating system makes it easier for them to create IoT devices that are more like consumer gadgets.

Make Smarter Vending Machines with IoT Smart Modules

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Smart modules enable vending machines that feature screens with touch-scroll-swipe capabilities that provide consumers with a multimedia experience. They also empower companies to leverage lower data rates without compromising user experience.

As with consumer devices, developers must navigate hardware and software intersections to utilize Android and meet customers’ expectations. However, the right IoT solution — and partner — can simplify the development timeline, especially when combined with AI and 5G capabilities.

For example, even companies with limited R&D resources can leverage smart modules to bring world-class smart retail solutions to market. Most of the hardware required for the complete user experience comes integrated into the module. The complex engineering needed to integrate all the required functionality has also been done.

Embedded IoT connectivity offers increased flexibility and interoperability. It’s easier to integrate with other vendor solutions. It also reduces time and costs associated with R&D for faster, easier deployments.

A best-in-class retail solution is likely to feature cellular connectivity, which is preferred over Wi-Fi in the smart vending and autonomous retail sectors.

Optimize Reliable Retail Transactions with Cellular

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For example, a Telit Cinterion customer that is a leading global fintech company provides cashless payment services and management platforms. This customer has an IoT-enabled solution that runs on cellular networks and supports unattended automated markets and retail POS providers, including:

  • Vending
  • Laundromats
  • Ticketing

The company chose cellular to ensure its assets operate on extremely secure, reliable networks instead of a site’s or customer’s Wi-Fi connection.

For this customer, cellular was the only viable choice, as Wi-Fi access can be restricted in many environments and locations, such as:

  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • Government buildings
  • High-security manufacturing facilities

Keep Smart Vending Secure

Security remains top of mind for all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Therefore, the ongoing AI and machine learning evolution is crucial to detect and neutralize threats before they compromise critical systems and sensitive data.

Every part of the IoT smart retail system must be secure, including:

  • Payment transactions
  • The smart module design and manufacture
  • The SIM card
  • The geographical location of the servers

Companies that utilize IoT-enabled smart vending and autonomous retail solutions must work with partners that deliver uncompromising end-to-end security.

For example, the financial sector maintains strict regulations regarding the countries where servers can be located to achieve high-level data security and transparency. In the smart vending and retail sectors, the same consideration applies.

Payment transactions initiated in the U.S. that are processed on overseas servers before returning to the U.S. expose the transaction and the end consumer to greater risks. Therefore, global international roaming should be avoided due to its inherent vulnerabilities. The NExT™ network, powered by Telit Cinterion, has a cellular core. It’s U.S.-based and uses our SIM, which means data does not leave U.S. soil.

The Telit Cinterion Advantage for Smart Vending

Telit Cinterion offers cybersecure IoT solutions in modules and cellular connectivity. It can utilize its world-class smart modules, connectivity plans and platforms to build a ready-to-launch smart retail application.

The company’s robust cellular IoT connectivity and SIM solutions enable smart vending machines and kiosks with seamless transactions and optimal mobility. Moreover, Telit Cinterion offers customized IoT-enablement solutions that provide enhanced efficiency and insights for the retail industry.

The smart vending industry is risk-intolerant. IoT vending solution providers must partner with leading companies to ensure high-quality products and services and superior customer support and aftercare. Telit Cinterion’s 24/7 global support is essential for companies in today’s dynamic and fast-moving environment. It offers little room for downtime and poor performance.

Get Started on Your IoT-Enabled Smart Retail Solution

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Ready to take the next step and create a connected retail experience?

We offer IoT modules, connectivity plans and platforms to enable smart retail device developers and providers to add IoT technologies to their solutions, including:

  • 5G
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Cellular connectivity

Retail IoT solution providers using our IoT modules can:

  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Gain actionable insights with real-time data and ongoing monitoring

Let us build a ready-to-launch smart retail application with IoT modules, connectivity plans, and platforms. We offer customized IoT solutions that enhance efficiency and insights for the retail industry.

Speak with our IoT retail experts today to give your solution a competitive advantage.

Key Takeaways

  • The integration of IoT and AI in smart vending and retail solutions enhances data security and customer experience. AI allows for better data gathering and insights to address issues such as equipment problems and inventory replenishment.
  • Smart modules ensure the reliability of vending machines and autonomous retail solutions. The use of Android as an operating system makes it easier for developers to create IoT devices with consumer-friendly features.
  • Security is a top priority in the entire IoT smart retail system. Choosing partners with end-to-end security is crucial for success in this ecosystem.