Creating safer and smarter cities with IoT-enabled cycling technology

We gained a lot of features, as well as the ability to contain costs. We appreciate the professional support that Telit provided during the design phase of the ICON product.

—Caleb Smyth, Hardware Engineer, See.Sense


See.Sense believes that cycling participation is an important part of improving the standard of living in cities. To help urban cyclists tackle challenges unlike any other environment, the company needed to leverage the technology of a strong IoT vendor to complement See.Sense’s strong in-house design capability.

Why Telit?

See.Sense chose Telit’s BlueMod+S42 because the module’s reduced package size is compatible with the company’s light device. Plus, the pricing structure met its expectations. The SE868 GNSS module was selected to take advantage of an integrated antenna, which is a mandatory element for small footprint devices.



By using the Telit modules, See.Sense helps ensure that its ICON technology reacts to a customer’s situation on the road accurately. Bluetooth connectivity enables optional smartphone connection, which allows cyclists to check the battery, control brightness and avoid crash and theft incidents. With GPS location capabilities, See.Sense allows a cyclist’s loved ones to receive information on the bike’s location when a crash is sensed. To capitalize on what it sees as a growing opportunity in smart city biking applications, the GPS is used to help record the most popular routes in the city and provide location based data for potentially dangerous collision and road surface hotspots.


Thanks to the cost effectiveness of the Telit modules, See.Sense is predicting a rise in manufacturing volumes for its device. The company is also evaluating a move to Telit’s LoRaWAN technology for its integrated city bike version, with the goal of driving more customer value through a combination of energy-efficient Bluetooth and lower-power, wide-area connectivity.


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