Building the world’s first 4G/LTE mobile monitoring camera

They will become more mobile as crime and security issues are mobile, which will standardize onboard video analytics to provide real and exciting information from footage gathered.
—Tijmen Vos, CTO, Nubo

From Nubo’s perspective, all cameras will be 4G/LTE enabled within the next five years.


As the world’s first 4G/LTE mobile monitoring camera, Nubo is on a mission to enable the mass consumer market to take advantage of use cases that are not necessarily covered by today’s Wi-Fi technology. The camera allows users to monitor their valuables in remote locations and store footage for later viewing or receive push notifications when events occur. Users can react to the situation remotely through a Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE connection. To be successful, Nubo knew that it had to extend the availability and applicability of this connected product to locations and areas that were, up until now, unreachable via standard wired and Wi-Fi cameras.

Why Telit?

Nubo selected Telit’s LE910 module to support its 4G/LTE connectivity. According to Tijmen Vos, chief technology officer of Nubo, this form of connectivity supports the bandwidth requirements for communicating live images and has proven to be compatible across different regions. Telit’s ability to offer cellular communication modules across a broad-range of cellular technologies and regional variants means Nubo can create only one electronic board design that works regardless of what cellular network it operates on. This significantly reduces costs, risk and time-to-market as Nubo seeks to expand its solution throughout the world.



Nubo connects to 4G/LTE mobile networks and Wi-Fi, so customers can stay connected no matter where they go. Small and rugged, Nubo is weatherproof so it can be used almost anywhere. The revolutionary 4G/LTE camera has opened up the market for mobile video monitoring. It is a versatile LTE camera that connects over a cellular or wireless network and helps consumers and businesses see their valuables anytime, anywhere.


Nubo expects the high-bandwidth video market to dramatically increase in size as customers become more familiar with the benefits of cloud-connected cameras. As Nubo continues to expand into different regions, it looks forward to benefiting from Telit’s family of single-form-factor modules.


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