Making Global Bike Sharing Possible



Until recently, the bicycle security market experienced very little technology innovation since the first bike lock was produced over 100 years ago. However, LOCK8 has realized the potential of connected bicycle security and the impact innovation could have on the way we travel within cities.

The company uses Telit’s IoT technologies to innovate both the bicycle security and bike-sharing markets. LOCK8 has created a global bike sharing platform enabled by smart bike security. The platform delivers flexibility and ease-of-use for bike-share operators and users. Their goal is to help make bicycle travel the most affordable and convenient mode of transportation within cities.

Why Telit?

Telit allows LOCK8 to deliver reasonably priced bike sharing, without compromising security. The GE910-GNSS chip in the LOCK8 hardware allows users and bike-share operators to communicate directly, enabling bikes to be tracked and usage data to be stored and analyzed. This combo module offers both GSM and GPS functionality, which is important for global operations.



LOCK8’s platform employs a range of sensors, such as a three-axis gyro-accelerometer, a vibration trigger-switch, and a thermometer. The hardware interprets information from the sensors, such as movement and temperature. If the LOCK8 device identifies risk of theft, damage, or low battery, it uses IoT technology to notify the bike share operator via a Fleet Management Software package. The technology simplifies operation of a bike fleet, which encourages more businesses to adopt bike sharing.


Telit’s IoT technology is crucial to the convenience of the LOCK8 bike-sharing experience. Unlike traditional bike share schemes, LOCK8 does not rely on expensive docking stations. The technology allows bike share operators to define their own virtual geofence-zones. The devices communicate with the operators’ Fleet Management Software in order to identify where they can be parked. This is more convenient for bike share users, as they do not have to worry about returning their bikes to a free parking space.


LOCK8 is changing the way that people think about transportation. Their platform is encouraging connected bicycle fleets to operate worldwide, so that bike share users can locate and rent bicycles in all major cities around the world, using just one smartphone application.

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