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We are impressed by the robustness of Telit’s end-to-end solutions and extremely excited that it is enhancing our current products and expanding our IoT creativity when designing new products. We are also enjoying their support and assistance, which goes beyond all of our expectations.

—Cliff Petersen, Director, IoTZA


increase in revenue

^40% increase increase in revenue, now that IoTZA provides a wider array of solutions to a larger customer base and brings new products to market faster.


IoTZA is revolutionizing how South African utility consumers view their energy consumptions, while making billing more accurate. Its custom power usage management system monitors the primary inbound supply and individual supply lines to various machines and equipment. This information is then sent wirelessly to a concentrator and aggregated on the cloud. By implementing Telit modules, platform and connectivity, IoTZA ensures always-on access through a multi-network connection.

Why Telit?

IoTZA implemented a modular system of xE866 for cellular connectivity, LE51-868S for SRD and Sigfox, and SE873 for GNSS. This approach is accelerating time to market and easing the migration from 2G to an LTE platform. Through the use of the Telit IoT Portal, user setup is easier and faster with minimal to no initiation costs. Plus, to provide a private APN/VPN and data across two distinct networks, Tele2 connectivity was included in the overall solution.



The implementation of Telit solutions enabled IoTZA to take advantage of electricity usage readings generated every 30 seconds from SANAS-calibrated smart meters. In turn, employees can monitor peak demand hourly and calculate comparisons between current energy consumption and past utility bills. The company can routinely detect and analyze trends, as well as find and address exceptions quickly. Plus, the company can better support provisioning of variable time-of-day tariffs, facilitate legal metrology and bill actual, valid use.


The new capabilities enabled by Telit’s technology is allowing IoTZA to enter into new market sectors: building management and smart buildings. The company is testing platform integration from DATA concentrator – with the first pilot going live in 2017.

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