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Telit’s support during the migration to the new 910 family was a major factor in the success of our solution.

– Ohad Amir, CTO



Essence’s IoT connected living solutions require the use of robust and flexible cellular communications, both as primary and backup channels in its three lines of business. All its m2m home product suites rely on cellular communications to transmit varying amounts of critical data to service providers and end-users.

WeR@Home™ is a holistic eco-system for service providers to offer new services and increase their revenue by providing a complete, smart home package to their customers. It allows users to easily and quickly turn their residence into a connected home by installing the core security system within minutes and by adding home automation capabilities such as Z-Wave® door locks, smart thermostats, and switches. The simple and intuitive mobile app gives users the ability to seamlessly manage their homes and monitor events from anywhere in the world.

Why Telit?

When considering a partner for cellular communications modules, Essence had one major consideration in mind – the availability of a variety of cellular technologies and frequencies supported in the same family of modules. Telit’s HE910 module family gave Essence a significant amount of deployment flexibility due to its wide range of technologies and frequencies. By being able to integrate any technology from 2.5G to LTE on any frequency through the HE910 module family, Essence was able to drastically reduce development time and operational costs.



The solution relies on communication between the system’s gateway, the WeR@Home™ hub, and the servers on the cloud. This is realized using the two channels on the hub: one is an Ethernet port to the home’s network; the other is a cellular channel that employs a SIM card. In many cases, customers prefer to use the cellular channel as the primary form of communication.


The functions described above require real time interaction between the hub and the end-user’s interface. For this reason, it is imperative that all forms of data communication are stable and fast. WeR@Home™ also requires data channels to always be open to allow constant connectivity with the system’s servers, thereby allowing instantaneous response to user commands.


By working with Telit, Essence was able to successfully create a home automation solution that is both flexible and reliable. Essence’s WeR@Home™ solution helps the company fulfill their mission of enabling people to live life to the fullest through connected-living technologies. The company remains dedicated to developing more IoT-enabled solutions that allow individuals to protect and care for the people and places that they most value.


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