BlueMod+S50 Bluetooth® Module

Bluetooth 5 Low Energy plug-and-play module

The BlueMod+S50 is a high-performance Bluetooth 5 qualified single mode module. It features high speed transmission data’s with very low energy consumption with flexibility for designers. BlueMod+S50 supports most of the GATT Client, Server and Terminal I/O central peripheral for transparent point to (multi-) point cable replacement applications.

Part of the BlueMod+Sx family, the BlueMod+S50 is swappable with previous generations without requiring new hardware or software spins. Although a single mode low energy module it offers a high throughput of up to 720kbit/s using Telit’s unique SPP like Terminal I/O service.

TIO Utility can be downloaded freely from the stores. Terminal I/O sample code for iOS and Android implementation in host device are provided freely.

Evaluation Kit & Development Kit

Telit’s BlueEva+S50 evaluation kit supports Telit customers to evaluate and implement Bluetooth modules in their application.

Telit’s BlueDev+S50 developer kit enables rapid prototyping of customer’s own firmware using silicon vendor SDK for C++ development.

BlueModS+50 Group

Key Features: BlueMod+S50

  • Standalone or Bluetooth hosted applications
  • Bluetooth v5 qualified module
  • 2 MB/s PHY for LE
  • Broadcasting channel improvements
  • Powerful Cortex M4F MCU
  • Designed for low power applications
  • Best of its class range performance
  • Generic GATT Client or Server Implementation
  • LE Secure Connection with 128bit AES encryption
  • BT scanning functionality for implementing location based services (RSSI based)
  • Point to point or point to multipoint communications
  • Terminal I/O Profile (SPP-like) for fast and easy transparent data transfer(720Kbps)
  • Terminal I/O sample code for iOS and Android
  • NFC Support for secure simple pairing
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