secureWISE for Semiconductors or Factory Consultation


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Establishing an enterprise IT-trusted VPN connection between two or more organizations is complicated for both fabs and OEMs. Because of the potential exposure to cybersecurity threats, these connections are avoided, making it harder to collaborate and hampering equipment performance. Every connection is a risk you must monitor.

The good news is that remote connection between OEMs and fabs doesn’t have to be complicated. Telit has the knowledge and experience to help you get to market faster.

secureWISE, powered by Telit Cinterion, is the most secure way to remotely access, monitor and mediate equipment. secureWISE offers:

  • End-to-end remote connectivity to tools that’s secure and configurable across private networks
  • Remote collaboration between owners and builders to improve equipment performance through its life cycle
  • Intellectual property protection for everyone involved

secureWISE for OEMs

secureWISE enables OEMs to save money and offer value-added services. It provides role-based, on-demand access to equipment for global production facilities in real time.

  • Increase uptime for tools
  • Reap new revenues from differentiated service products
  • Reduce travel time and total service costs for maintenance crews
  • Faster installations to support customer production ramps
  • Secure access to maintenance-critical data

secureWISE for Fabs

From a single pane, secureWISE empowers fabs with real-time visibility and collaboration with secure, on-demand connectivity to data from equipment and processes.

  • Centralized access and control for all suppliers and OEMs
  • Automated data collection from fabs and factories to fuel predictive analytics for equipment vendors
  • Improved uptimes, MTTR, MTBI, MTBF and overall COO, resulting in increased productivity and capacity
  • Single, secure connections to and from serviceNET through the cloud
  • Improved MTTR, MTBI and MTBF, resulting in increased productivity and capacity
  • Reduced production ramp time
  • Secure alternative to problematic data transport practices (e.g., USB, CD-ROM or floppy)

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