It’s easier than you think to collect data from any machine, create dashboards, HMIs, alarms and actions. With Telit deviceWISE VIEW, you can visualize your machine data within just a few clicks without writing custom code.


Use one of the many drivers available in Telit deviceWISE to collect real-time machine data. Transform this data, add math and calculate KPIs using a visual edge logic engine. Utilize drag-and-drop widgets to build live, visually rich dashboards and HMIs that can be displayed on-premises or in the cloud.

Here’s How Telit deviceWISE VIEW Works:

Telit deviceWISE VIEW Features:

  • Universal platform
  • On-premises visualization
  • Drag-and-drop charts and widgets
  • OEE and other KPIs
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Bi-directional control
  • Turn any screen into an HMI
  • Role-based security displays

Visualize and analyze your machine data from custom dashboards in real time. Request a Telit deviceWISE VIEW demonstration and trial today.