Leveraging AI for Advanced Industrial Visual Inspection 

In the evolving artificial intelligence (AI) landscape, visual inspection is critical for enterprises seeking to harness new technologies. deviceWISE® AI Visual Inspection, powered by Telit Cinterion, uses advanced algorithms and deep learning to: 

  • Ensure accurate results  
  • Reduce errors  
  • Increase productivity 

This industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution helps you find and fix problems right away, giving operators immediate feedback to correct defects. deviceWISE AI integrates seamlessly into manufacturing processes without custom code.  

deviceWISE AI’s user-friendly interface empowers enterprises to leverage one platform to build: 

  • Visual models 
  • Application logic 
  • Inspection rules 

Various industries can leverage and benefit from deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection. You can set it up in minutes using simple installation scripts. It ensures scalability on AC and enterprise-grade servers or cloud systems. 

deviceWISE AI’s Connectivity Options 

deviceWISE is known for its compatibility and modularity. Its extensive connectivity options facilitate communication with: 

  • PLCs 
  • Data collection devices 
  • CNCs 
  • Torque tools 
  • Robots 
  • Vision systems 

This IoT platform supports various devices, including Windows-based tablets and systems based on NVIDIA® Jetson™. 

deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection provides advanced functionality to your preferred orchestrator. These capabilities incorporate built-in connectors for business systems, including: 

  • IBM Maximo 
  • SAP 
  • Microsoft SQL 
  • Microsoft Azure 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 

You can achieve end-to-end solution configuration and deployment in hours without writing custom code. 

deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection Use Cases and Applications

deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection’s vast applications enhance quality control and safety across industries. From detecting defects to identifying damaged goods, this platform enables industrial-level image inspections, ideal for manufacturing and automotive applications.  

For logistics and safety use cases, deviceWISE AI provides: 

  • Immediate operator feedback 
  • Skill improvement 
  • Safety issue detection 
  • Inventory management 

Key Takeaways

Join us for a webinar to explore deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection. We’ll discuss customer use cases and the benefits of this platform, including detecting anomalies and taking measurements. 

You will discover: 

  • deviceWISE AI’s topology  
  • How AI technology and machine learning algorithms are applied to machine vision and visual inspection 
  • How GPU technology (NVIDIA) accelerates the inspection process to near real time 
  • How detection converts to information, then to decision, then to action