Connectivity Management Platform: A Game-Changer for Success

January 16, 2024

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A connectivity management platform (CMP) gives businesses global visibility and control over every Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card in their deployment. It also provides the flexibility to optimize adjacent services. CMPs enable effortless provisioning to activate, suspend and manage SIMs, including analyzing IoT data traffic. These capabilities help companies enhance performance and improve the end user’s experience.

For business today, a robust and comprehensive CMP is invaluable for small or global deployments. Nevertheless, not all CMP offerings are created equal. Some have many tools, solutions and capabilities, while others do not.

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NExTPro™: Enhanced Connectivity Management Portal

CMP Unification and Consolidation Benefits

A comprehensive CMP acts as a single pane of glass or dashboard. One graphical user interface (GUI) unifies multiple data sources, simplifying otherwise disjointed processes. For example, with a best-in-class CMP, businesses using SIMs from different vendors don’t have to use multiple platforms. Instead, the CMP is one unified IoT solution to help the company visualize and manage its diverse SIM inventory.

Moreover, a comprehensive CMP can combine invoices from MNOs and other partners. For those with global deployments, having one invoice is incredibly time-saving. It spares businesses from organizing and cross-referencing multiple invoices.

A CMP can also streamline various time-consuming processes, such as activating or deactivating many SIMs at once rather than individually. Other roaming network selection tools permit on-the-fly provider changes on the national level. In addition, troubleshooting tools let users conveniently switch activity between operators.

Intuitive Dashboard for Granular Connectivity Management

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Connectivity dashboards give users visibility of their entire SIM inventory, such as:

  • Active and inactive SIMs
  • SIM location
  • Subscriber usage per service

These intuitive dashboards help businesses monitor SIM statuses. It also provides advanced functionality that enables real-time diagnostics of individual SIM usage.

However, there may be instances in which organizations do not want to use the CMP vendor’s dashboard or GUI. They may have another business system they’d prefer to use. Those companies can still enjoy access to a thorough API dictionary with API tester tools and achieve the same functionality.

4 Critical IoT Connectivity Management Platform Features

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1. Life Cycle Management 

With life cycle management, users can search for historical events or changes over the life span of a SIM.

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2. Device Positioning 

A map displays SIM locations, including the number of SIMs per country. This functionality is helpful for large-scale deployments in multiple countries.

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3. General Search Tool 

The general search tool permits the user to:

  • Check and filter by any given SIM status
  • Filter for SIMs in any given country
  • Filter details about additional parameters (e.g., operators, APN and special tags defined for the SIM)
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4. Connectivity Triggers

Connectivity triggers are customizable alerts for any SIM in the platform. These alerts can be based on occurrences, including:

  • Different types of events (e.g., inactivity)
  • Data thresholds
  • Location changes

For instance, there will be a notification if one group of SIMs passes a threshold of five megabytes. However, for another group of SIMs, the trigger can send alerts if they pass 10 megabytes.

One-Touch Access to Global Connectivity with NExTPro

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NExTPro, powered by Telit Cinterion, is a comprehensive CMP with all these features. It helps you effortlessly scale multisite deployments across different networks and operators. Speak with our connectivity solution experts to take control of your global IoT deployment.