5G Whitepaper: Building 5G IoT on the Solid Foundation of LTE IoT

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Tantra Analysts


Unlock the Potential of 5G

Explore why it makes sense to invest in LTE IoT today to build a solid foundation for 5G IoT

With over 224 operators in 88 countries investing in the technology, the advent of 5G networks will create the next evolution for broadband connectivity applications like video streaming in the near term, and low power (or IoT) applications like distributed sensor networks in the long term.


Despite how far that ‘long-term’ future might be, in this whitepaper by high-tech research and strategy advisory firm Tantra Analyst, the prescription to successfully navigating a 5G future is made clear: investment in 4G technology today.

Learn why 3GPP standards and operators’ behavior has made 4G investment imperative (and ultimately capital efficient), and then collect the information your enterprise needs to take the next step into cellular IoT technology confidently and with minimal risk.


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