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The Use of IoT in Transportation for Smart Cities

June 21, 2023

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The Internet of Things (IoT) for smart city transportation will transform how drivers and cargo get from one location to the next.

The latest transportation forecast from Research and Markets states that IoT is one of the most important smart city solution platforms. The global market is expected to reach $495.57 billion by 2030.  

IoT devices and connectivity make cities smarter and safer. They also make the systems easier to manage and more economical.

Several transportation segments leverage IoT technology to address traffic congestion and public transportation challenges. Another area of impact is vehicle telematics. These smart devices track, monitor and analyze key performance data from vehicles in real time.

Benefits are fueling the growth of IoT. IoT sensors, data and connectivity can improve citywide transportation operations and reduce operating costs. This article will examine three advantages and two customer use cases in smart city transportation.

3 Major Benefits of IoT-Enabled Transportation for Smart Cities

1. Reliable Communication

Communication between vehicles and passengers to the vendors must be reliable. Whether it’s fleet managers, electric vehicle (EV) service providers or rail operators, getting people to and from destinations safely and timely is crucial.

2. Cost-Effective Connectivity and Flexibility

5G IoT networks enable faster and cost-effective connectivity. Hundreds to billions of devices can be connected while data can be consumed and transmitted from multiple devices.

3. Real-Time Data Insights

IoT telematics provides real-time information. Operators can gain insights into traffic patterns and idle time. They can even monitor weather and maintenance issues and use the data to increase productivity while reducing expenses.

Motion blur of vehicles driving on a highway.

IoT Smart City Transportation Use Cases

Use Case 1: The World’s First 5G-Enabled Router Broke the Throughput Record in Transportation

Image of Telit Cinterion's FN980 module.

Icomera is Europe’s and North America’s leading public transportation provider, serving millions of passengers daily. It installed the first passenger Wi-Fi service on a train in 2003. In 2020, Icomera partnered with us to launch the Icomera X5, the world’s first router that’s rail-certified and enabled with 5G.

Our FN980 5G data cards were used as a 5G modem solution across multiple regions. With Icomera’s SureWAN™ protocol, the X5 router delivered the fastest, most reliable connection for rail operators and passengers. Icomera X5’s real-world trial set a new public transportation record for throughput surpassing gigabit speed.

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Use Case 2: Fleet Management: Real-Time Monitoring with Fleet Telematics

Digital tablet displaying fleet analytics with fleet of trucks in the background.

BSQ Security is a leader in fleet security and surveillance. Moving trucks make it challenging to ensure IoT-enabled fleet management applications have sufficient cellular coverage. The company required secure IoT connectivity its customers could depend on without buying additional components.

For their solution, BSQ leveraged our IoT platform and a data SIM for global coverage and stable data costs. The company was able to enhance the customer experience by offering:

  • Competitive monthly rates
  • A free GPS locator (on loan)
  • A free data SIM

BSQ’s software developers also collaborated with our ecosystem of applications, system integrators and device suppliers.

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Solving Smart City Transportation Challenges

Smart city technology requires reliable, secure IoT enablement. Our IoT modules and connectivity services can bring your smart city application to life. Moreover, we can leverage our IoT enablement solutions to build your ready-to-launch IoT transportation solution.

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