Icomera: Accelerating the Digital Transition in Public Transport

Icomera is the world’s leading provider of integrated connectivity solutions for trains, trams, buses and coaches. It is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, with main offices across Europe and North America. The company serves millions of transit passengers daily through its tens of thousands of onboard systems.
Icomera’s 5G-enabled technology platform combines:

  • Its robust mobile connectivity and applications routers
  • SureWAN™ network aggregation protocol
  • ICONIC cloud-based monitoring and management software

The platform supports digital applications that improve passenger satisfaction, safety and operational efficiency. Icomera’s solutions restore confidence from origin to destination. They help make every ride time-efficient for the passenger, cost-efficient for the operator and part of a smarter, greener future.

Pushing the Boundaries of Connectivity

Icomera's 5G mobile connectivity and applications router, the Icomera X5.

Icomera installed the first-ever on-train passenger Wi-Fi service back in 2003 (at a time when megabit-level speeds were impressive). The company boasts a strong track record for delivering world firsts. Over the years, the possibilities afforded by fast and reliable onboard connectivity have evolved substantially. Icomera continues to lead the field in creating industry-leading solutions for its clients.

In 2020, Icomera sought to launch the world’s first rail-certified 5G mobile connectivity and applications router — the Icomera X5. This required 5G radio modems that would deliver reliable 4G LTE fallback where 5G networks are not yet available.

To achieve this goal, Icomera partnered with Telit, which offered a modem solution, including the Telit FN980 data cards. In addition to delivering 5G connectivity, the Telit FN980 would function across Icomera’s multiple operating regions.

Telit Solution Helps Icomera Achieve Another First

The Icomera X5 leverages the Telit FN980 and Icomera’s proprietary SureWAN technology. SureWAN aggregates all available cellular capacity across multiple modems in parallel. This router delivers the fastest, most reliable connection possible for rail operators and passengers.

In a real-world trial of the solution installed on an SJ X2000 train traveling on the Stockholm–Gothenburg route, the Icomera X5 achieved a record-breaking throughput level. It surpassed the benchmark referred to in the public transport industry as “the Gigabit Train.” For context, the provision of “gigabit” speeds is equivalent to passengers streaming over 10,000 songs or 200 HD films concurrently.

The Icomera X5 has the necessary connectivity and computing power to support multiple resource-intensive systems simultaneously. Applications can reside on the router as software-defined solutions, including:

  • Passenger Wi-Fi
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Digital video surveillance

This minimizes the need for additional hardware to be installed on vehicles, providing a simple and cost-effective solution.

Telit 5G Series

Telit FN980 and FN980m are state-of-the-art 5G data cards. They feature sub-6 and mmWave (FN980m only) technologies with LTE, WCDMA and GNSS support. These data cards empower businesses like Icomera to future-proof IoT, enterprise applications and video and leverage 5G and Gigabit LTE benefits.

 “The Telit FN980 integrated well within Icomera’s X5 hardware solution, helping us deliver the world’s first 5G-enabled router designed and certified for rail.”

Mats Karlsson, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, Icomera
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