What You Would Have Seen from Telit at Embedded World 2020

March 2, 2020

With the global coronavirus situation, Telit withdrew participation of the Embedded World event to ensure the health of our team. While we may not be physically attending the event, we would like to share with you what we would have showcased.

Telit Embedded World 2020

There were four main areas we planned to share with attendees:

  • The First Mile of IoT™
  • Telit OneEdge™
  • 5G
  • Bravo evaluation kit

The First Mile of IoT

When getting started with an IoT project, there are many things to consider with monitoring, managing and deploying a connected “thing.” However, everything begins at the edge with the devices and all the data they generate. Enabling communication with your edge devices is The First Mile of IoT, and it’s the most often overlooked but most vital part of the deployment.

There are four parts to the implementation journey:

  1. Connecting and securing devices
  2. Managing and moving devices and data
  3. Streamlined integration
  4. Global support and connectivity

When these four things come together, going live with your IoT implementation will be a great success.

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Telit OneEdge 

OneEdge shortens your path to IoT monetization, allowing IoT devices to be ready for deployment by simplifying design and management. The pre-provisioned OneEdge modules are thoroughly tested and network certified so they can connect to the cloud as soon as they’re activated.

See how OneEdge is the key to massive IoT deployment in this short video:

The Telit OneEdge-Powered Cleantron Connected Battery Demo

We were looking forward to showcasing our collaboration with our customer, Cleantron, a producer of Li-ion battery modules for Industry 4.0, light electric vehicles and the automotive sector. The demo showcases how Telit’s OneEdge module-integrated software and service saved Cleantron time and money versus having to build a connected battery pack remote monitoring solution from scratch in-house.

Telit OneEdge-Powered Cleantron Connected Battery Demo

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5G: Practical, Proven Solutions

There has been a lot of hype around 5G and its multi-gigabit speeds. Now it’s time to show the reliability, security, simplicity and security 5G offers. Through our modules and data cards, you can design 5G into your branch routers, video cameras and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

5G, especially millimeter wave (mmWave), will enable faster expansion into new markets. Specific 5G use cases, such as routers and gateways for outdoor applications, will see speeds like never before. Telit has already begun testing in the U.S., Korea and Russia, among others.

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Bravo Evaluation Kit

Our newest evaluation kit, Bravo, is a fast solution to create a working POC for any cellular LPWA deployment.

Bravo Smart Lock Demo

Our Bravo demo with Smart Lock features Telit AppZone, the module-integrated application development environment, and Telit OneEdge working in combination with the on-board Bosch smart motion sensors. The demo showcases how Smart Lock monitors the status of a safe door to detect any intrusions and protect your belongings. The status display is viewable through Telit IoT Portal or the Telit OneEdge mobile app.

With the Bravo evaluation kit, Telit AppZone and OneEdge, you can develop more demos using Bosch motion and environmental sensors, such as detecting a smart meter’s tamper state, measuring an object’s absolute orientation or assessing a room’s air quality.

Telit Bravo Smart Lock Demo

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Please contact us with any questions or requests. We hope to see you at the next IoT event!