Bravo Evaluation Kit

Prototype, Test, Improve, Iterate, Succeed with Cellular IoT

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The pace of innovation in business models is growing exponentially, with industries across the global economy diversifying and ideating with IoT. Are you looking for a fast and affordable way to get your IoT application ideas and concepts proofed, tested and evaluated quickly and easily? Look no further than Bravo, the complete, ready-to-use Telit evaluation kit.

With Bravo, you’ll not only learn what it’s like to work with Telit and the IoT tools and resources we provide but also quickly create a working proof of concept for your cellular LPWA application.

The Bravo evaluation kit can be used either alone or coupled with an external CPU, such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Bravo features Telit’s flagship module, ME910C1-WW, integrating Telit OneEdge™ suite of software and services, and includes three Bosch Sensortec high-performance motion and environmental smart sensor chips. This evaluation kit is ideal for designers in need of a complete, affordable platform for quick and easy IoT deployment.

The Bravo evaluation kit features the following main elements:

  • Mounts ME910C1-WW module, one of Telit’s flagship modules featuring LTE Cat M1/NB1 and GSM/GPRS connectivity
  • High-performance Bosch Sensortec motion and environmental sensors, providing accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature, pressure, humidity and volatile organic compounds (VOC) information
  • IoT AppZone SDK for application development includes sample code
  • Ready for onboarding with OneEdge, our award-winning software and services suite

Launch your IoT journey with Telit.

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