UKCA Certifications

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Last update: The UK Government announced on August 1st, 2023 the indefinite extension of CE mark recognition for businesses

The Department for Business and Trade (DBT) has  announced an indefinite extension to the use of CE marking for businesses, applying to 18 regulations owned by DBT.

Superseded by 1st of August 2023 announcement: UKCA deadline extension 2027

The UK Government extended the deadline of CE marking recognition for 2 years allowing businesses until 31 December 2024 to prepare for the UKCA marking.

The conformity assessment activities undertaken by EU-recognized Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), for CE certification before 31 December 2024, can be used to declare existing product types as compliant with UKCA requirements without the need for any UK Approved Body involvement with validity until 31 December 2027.

This is the case of modules products that are placed on the market on the basis of their existing CE + EU CAB conformity assessment to issue a valid UK-DoC available for customers and authorities.

Telit Cinterion products UK-DoCs are available for customers and authorities following this link as well UKCA marking requirements for manufactured products placed on the market in Great Britain (GB)



UKCA Cellular

Telit_LE910C1-EUX_UKCA – 16-Feb-23 (exp. 31-Dec-27)

Telit_GE866-QUAD_UKCA – 22-Nov-22

Telit_HE910-EUx_UKCA  – 10-Oct-22

Telit_LE910R1-EU_UKCA – 29-Sep-22

Telit_UE866-EU_UKCA – 16-Sep-22

Telit_UE910-EUD_UKCA  -16-Sep-22

Telit_UL865-EUx_UKCA – 15-Sep-22

Telit_LE910S1-EA_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_LE910S1-EAG_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_HE910-GL_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_HE910-D_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_HE910-G_DG_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_UE910-GL_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_LE910C4-EU_HW1.10_HW1.30_UKCA – 13-Jul-22

Telit_LE910C1-EUX_HW1.10_HW1.30_UKCA – 29-Jun-22

Telit_LE910C1-EU_HW1.00_UKCA – 29-Jun-22

Telit_LE910C1-EU_HW1.10_HW1.30_UKCA – 29-Jun-22

Telit_LE910C4-EU_HW1.00_UKCA – 29-Jun-22

Telit_ML865C1-EA_UKCA – 16-Jun-22

Telit_ME310G1-W2_UKCA – 10-Jun-22

Telit_LE910-EU_V2_UKCA – 31-May-22

Telit_LE910-EU1_UKCA – 31-May-22

Telit_ME910C1-E1_UKCA – 31-May-22

Telit_ME910C1-E2_UKCA – 31-May-22

Telit_ME910C1-WW_UKCA – 31-May-22

Telit_ME310G1-W1_UKCA – 30-May-22

Telit_ME310G1-WW_HW0.0_UKCA – 30-May-22

Telit_ME310G1-WW_HW1.0_UKCA – 30-May-22

Telit_ME910G1-W1_UKCA – 30-May-22

Telit_ME910G1-WW_UKCA – 30-May-22

Telit_ML865G1-WW_UKCA – 30-May-22

Telit_GL865-QUAD_V3.1_UKCA – 26-May-22

Telit_GL865-DUAL_V3.1_UKCA – 26-May-22

Telit_NE310L2-W1_UKCA – 04-May-22

Telit_NE310L2-WW_UKCA – 04-May-22

Telit_ME310G1-W3_UKCA – 26-Apr-22

Telit_ME910G1-W3_UKCA – 12-Apr-22

Telit_GL865-DUAL_V3_UKCA – 12-Apr-22

Telit_GE910-QUAD_V3_UKCA – 05-Apr-22

Telit_GL865-QUAD_V3_UKCA – 21-Mar-22

Telit_LE910C4-WWXD_HW1.00_UKCA – 16-Dec-21

Telit_LE910C1-WWXD_HW1.00_UKCA  – 16-Dec-21

Telit_LE910C4-WWX_HW1.00_UKCA – 16-Dec-21

Telit_LE910C1-WWX_HW1.00_UKCA – 16-Dec-21

Telit_ME910G1-WWV_UKCA – 19-Oct-21

Telit_ME310G1-WWV_UKCA – 19-Oct-21


UKCA Data Cards

Telit_LN920A12-WW_UKCA – 22-Mar-22 (exp. 31-Dec-27)

Telit_LN920A6-WW_UKCA – 22-Mar-22 (exp. 31-Dec-27)

Telit_FN980_UKCA – 08-Sep-22

Telit_LM940_UKCA – 22-Aug-22

Telit_LM960A18_UKCA – 31-Mar-22



Telit_WE310G4_UKCA – 06-Dec-22 (exp. 31-12-27)

Telit_WE866C6-P_UKCA – 25-Oct-22

Telit_WE310F5-I_UKCA – 13-Jul-22

Telit_WE310F5-P_UKCA – 13-Jul-22


UKCA Bluetooth

TC_BlueModS42M_UKCA  – 01-Aug-23 (exp. 31-12-27)

Telit_BluemodS42_UKCA – 22-Nov-22 (exp. 31-12-27)

Telit_BlueModS50_UKCA – 25-Oct-22



TC_SE868K5-D_SE868K5-SF_UKCA – 31-Jul-23 (exp. 31-Dec-27)

Telit_SE878K3-A_UKCA – 24-Nov-22

Telit_SE868SY-SF_UKCA – 25-Oct-22

Telit_SE868SY-D_UKCA – 25-Oct-22

Telit_SE873K5_UKCA – 25-Oct-22


UKCA Marking

Telit_UKCA_Marking_Notes – 15-May-23


UK Representative

Telit Communications Ltd. Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AF, United Kingdom

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