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Bravo Rapid Development Kit with AWS ExpressLink

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The pace of business model innovation is growing exponentially. Industries worldwide are diversifying and ideating with IoT. IoT solution makers understand that rapid business development involves leveraging the hyperscaler ecosystem.

Telit Cinterion has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide fast and affordable ways to prove, test and evaluate IoT ideas and concepts easily.

Bravo AWS ExpressLink is a complete, ready-to-use development kit you can build your proof of value and validate with real customers with shorter product cycles. You can keep investments (i.e., CAPEX) low and grow your business with less financial exposure.

With Bravo AWS ExpressLink, you’ll have over 20 years of knowledge and expertise from Telit Cinterion condensed in a small, powerful LTE Cat 1 device. It encapsulates connectivity logic in the simple interface of AWS ExpressLink and mitigates cellular LTE’s technical challenges.

The Bravo AWS ExpressLink kit can be used coupled with an external CPU, such as:

  • Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Any other CPU with a UART and a few GPIOs to control the board

Bravo AWS ExpressLink features:

  • The flagship LE910C1-WWXD, which integrates easy onboarding with pre-injected credentials 
  • OneEdge™ suite of software and services
  • Four Bosch Sensortec high-performance smart sensor chips for great product development in various scenarios and verticals

This evaluation kit is ideal for designers needing a complete, affordable platform seamlessly integrated with AWS for quick and easy IoT deployment.

  • Cat 1 modem LE910C1-WWXD with:
    • Embedded application processor
    • Root of trust
    • Personalized identity and credentials
    • Device and connectivity management
  • Integrated SIM and data plan
  • Embedded cellular antenna and secondary external
  • GNSS connector and external antenna
  • Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi Zero and Arduino connectors
  • Bosch sensors for innovative applications:
    • BMP581 high-precision barometric sensor
    • BME688 digital nose and gas sensor
    • BMM350 digital pathfinder magnetometer
    • BHI360 accelerometer, gyroscope and fusion software
  • mikroBUS™ connector for additional expansions (sensors and peripherals)

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