Telit SE868SY-D Multiconstellation and High-Precision GNSS Evaluation Kit


The SE868SY-D is a multifrequency and multiconstellation precision positioning and timing receiver module that combines GPS/QZSS and Galileo in the L1/E1 and L5/E5 bands, GLONASS in the L1 band, BeiDou in the B1 and B2 bands, and IRNSS in the L5 band. It provides improved performance for position reporting and navigation solutions. Using two frequencies (L1/E1 and L5/E5), this module enhances location accuracy and reduces multipath effects in urban areas.

The SE868SY-D evaluation kit (EVK) allows you to test the functionalities of the SE868SY-D module and develop device prototypes and proof of concepts.

Kit Includes

  • An SE868SY-D EVK board
  • A USB-A/Mini-USB cable
  • A dual-band, L1+L5 active antenna

Complete the kit with the TelitView© Software available in the download section below.

User Guides, Documentation, Application Notes and Firmware
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