EVB 2.0 Module Evaluation and IoT Device Development Kit

EVB 2.0 is the main board of a two-board evaluation kit for our cellular and short-range wireless products. Together with a daughterboard (TLB) containing the target module, it enables rapid, cost-effective product and solution development based on our hardware and software.

Key Features

  • Works with current and future cellular, short-range module, and data card TLBs
  • Full functionality for complete module evaluation and IoT device development
  • Easy to set up and user friendly with rational connector and push-button layout
  • Access to all module interfaces: GPIO, UART, JTAG, etc.
  • Multiple-voltage direct current power supply for full compatibility with all cellular voltages, short-range and GNSS modules
  • Can be powered from external 12 V dc source or USB Type-C port
  • Two SIM card holders, ideal for dual-SIM modems
  • Ready for current consumption measurements and jumpers that allow for quick configuration to eliminate current leakage
  • SDIO memory card socket
  • Onboard USB-to-serial converter for easy UART interfacing with PCs
  • Onboard audio codec with auxiliary circuitry: amplifier, oscillator, connector, etc.
  • LEDs and pushbuttons for reset, shutdown, emergency shutdown, etc.

Kit Includes

  • EVB 2.0 board
  • Two USB “A” to “C” cables
  • 12 V dc power supply
  • Jumper cables kit
  • Two wideband cellular antennas
  • GNSS antenna
User Guides, Documentation, Application Notes and Firmware

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