Predictive Maintenance

Improve asset availability and performance

Unplanned equipment downtime can be costly, leading customers to demand higher levels of machine reliability and performance. For original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), recurring equipment failure can also signal design flaws and potential safety issues. Predictive maintenance is changing the way that OEMs provide field service by allowing them to use real-time machine data and analytics to determine machine health and schedule corrective action.

Save money by preventing unplanned downtime

After outfitting machines with sensors to monitor abnormalities that can be early indicators for servicing (e.g. temperature changes, vibration, etc.), OEMs can analyze data to:

  • Maximize equipment up-time by predicting equipment malfunctions before they happen.
  • Schedule maintenance at a time that is least disruptive to business operation.
  • Optimize resource management by sending technicians with the right parts at the right time.
  • Improve product quality and reliability to enhance customer satisfaction.

Offer new levels of service

Predictive maintenance also enables new business models such as usage-based services. In exchange for access to an asset such as production or field equipment, OEMs can take advantage of new revenue streams by ensuring performance and up-time.

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Transform Field Service

Predictive maintenance offers numerous cost saving benefits and service opportunities. Telit makes it simple to connect equipment and get real-time, actionable insights on machine performance so you can reduce costs and make more money.