deviceWISE for MNOs

Offer Innovative revenue-generating IoT Services Under Your Brand



The deviceWISE IoT Platform is licensed by mobile network operators, large IT outsourcing and SI companies that require a turnkey secure and scalable technology platform. Telit provides upfront customization, integration services, ongoing technical maintenance and support, letting forward-thinking operators focus on marketing and operating innovative revenue-generating IoT services under their own brand.


  • Turnkey, carrier-ready Application Enablement Platform
  • Reduce risk, complexity, time-to-market and cost versus developing in-house IoT solution
  • Simple Crawl – Walk – Run model for rapid deployment of trials and commercial deployments
  • Upfront customization and integration services with ongoing technical maintenance and support
  • Growing franchise with ever-expanding deviceWISE ecosystem


Leveraging the power of Telit’s deviceWISE AEP, Telit’s IoT Connectivity accommodates flexible end-to-end deployments with disparate devices, technologies, networks and business systems across different industries and geographies. The platform offers unlimited scalability and enterprise-grade performance through a comprehensive set of service elements that take you from the edge of the network to the center of your business – considered the industry benchmark for m2m/IoT deployments.

Thing Integration

Connect, collect, and control virtually anything using a variety of APIs and software agents with built-in drivers and edge intelligence, including:

  • Cloud-ready Telit modules – fastest time to Cloud featuring simple AT command interface
  • Asset Gateway – connectivity and edge intelligence to things that aren’t IoT ready or need a robust industrial-grade solution–
  • TR50 MQTT — APIs provide a robust standards-based interface with full bi-directional communications, data collection and functionality between the edge device and the application.
  • Proxy - the proxy gateway is suited to onramp legacy devices that cannot be retrofitted to support the deviceWISE Agent.
  • Cloud-to-Cloud enable connection to low-cost and low-power technology platforms and services – such as LoRa™, SigFox or Actility – that aggregate large amounts of purpose-built IoT devices.

Remote Device Management

Remote configuration, remote provisioning and remote firmware updates that can be executed using scheduled or ad-hoc campaigns for a single unit, on predefined groups,or on the entire installed base.Mobile Network / CDP Integration: The mobile communication provisioning function includes seamless integration with Mobile Network Operators (MNO) and Connected Device Platforms (CDP), and lets you activate or de-activate devices, manage SIM cards,analyze connection quality, and set all provisioning and data plan parameters.Easy-to-Use Management Portal: The deviceWISE platform centers on a single, easy-to-use portal with comprehensive management and configuration capabilities for all your devices and data transfers – from entry-level solutions to full scale enterprisegrade deployments

Unlimited Secured Cloud Storage

Flexible data model with built-in redundancy and data back-up, delivering enterprise-grade performance for companies large and small. The platform also features superior layered security to protect against both external and internal threats.

Application Integration

APIs for web-based and mobile apps and dashboards, from simple functions to big data analytics

Enterprise Integration

Built-in Enterprise Gateway technology for integration with enterprise systems from IBM, SAP, ORACLE, Microsoft, Any SQL, Web services, etc.