NTN: A Game-Changer in 5G Cellular Networks

Join us as we explore 5G cellular communication advancements through the introduction of non-terrestrial networks (NTNs). NTN is poised to add another layer to cellular communication and unlock myriad applications and use cases. 

We will show how existing use cases benefit from NTN because of an additional communication path that increases reliability and application robustness. This next-generation satellite technology can enhance cellular network performance in challenging environments. These include scenarios with high mobility or limited terrestrial coverage. 

Meet the Demands of the 5G Era

NTN’S Phased Rollout: From Rel 17 to Rel 19 

NTN’s phased rollout will be key to our discussion. We will navigate the standardization stages that paved the way for its implementation.  

The journey began with an initial study and progressed into 3GPP Release (Rel) 17 standardization activities. During this phase, existing standards were enhanced to enable the first stage of NTN operation in which the satellite acts as a relay. It allows the utilization of adapted cellular device hardware optimized for this technology. 

The recently finalized Rel 18 represents a significant milestone in the NTN evolution. This release brings several enhancements in the areas of mobility and throughput. It ensures a more seamless and efficient integration of NTN into existing cellular networks. 

Looking forward to Rel 19, we will explore the culmination of the staged standardization approach. This phase includes considering network elements embedded in the satellite, such as regenerative payload capabilities. This innovation is a prerequisite for advanced functionalities like Internet of Things (IoT) features, including store and forward functionality.  

Integrating these elements aims to serve delay-tolerant traffic at a lower cost. It paves the way for a more efficient and cost-effective utilization of satellite-based communication networks. 

Key Takeaways

Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights into the future of cellular communication. We will uncover the potential of NTN and its transformative impact on existing use cases and emerging applications. 

Attendees will learn: 

  • What 5G advancements NTN is making possible 
  • The new and existing use cases this satellite technology is enhancing 
  • Insights into NTN rollouts with 3GPP Rels 17, 18 and 19 and how each phase is transforming cellular communication