5G’s Evolution: TSN, RedCap and Non-Terrestrial Networks

Join AspenCore and Telit Cinterion in a webinar that delves into the latest developments in 5G technology. We will explore how these advancements cater to the changing requirements of various sectors and expedite digital transformation. 

This webinar will explore three pivotal subjects that are transforming the connectivity landscape: 

5G and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Learn how 5G’s powerful features enable TSN to minimize latency for critical applications. 3GPP’s Release (Rel) 16 allows 5G to provide essential TSN features (e.g., SIB9 time synchronization and Ethernet PDU support). These features are crucial for Industry 4.0, guaranteeing accurate and dependable communication and reduced latency in complex industrial settings. 

Exploring 5G Reduced Capability (RedCap)

In 3GPP Rel 17 and Rel 18, we’ll delve into RedCap and enhanced RedCap (eRedCap). These two device categories offer solutions for applications that don’t require high throughput or low latency. They fill the connectivity void for a range of applications by facilitating cost-effective New Radio (NR) solutions. 

Understanding the Advantages of Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) 

We’ll also investigate NTN, which tackles distinct mobility issues between NTN and terrestrial networks (TN). NTN can open new avenues for uninterrupted connectivity in remote areas or demanding environments. 

Key Takeaways

Participants will gain insights on: 

  • The impact of 5G on TSN features: Uncover the essential characteristics that this cellular technology introduces to TSN. We’ll explore how it caters to Industry 4.0 demands for accuracy and reliability. 
  • The revolutionary influence of 5G: We’ll investigate how 5G is changing network abilities across a broad spectrum of sectors. 
  • RedCap and eRedCap connectivity options: Understand how RedCap and its enhanced version cater to the connectivity requirements of various use cases. 
  • The potential of NTN: We’ll discuss NTN and its role in enhancing mobility across diverse network types. 
  • Maximizing the benefits of 5G: Discover how you can leverage 5G and its features for your business.