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Security for IoT: How to Protect Your IoT Deployment

Internet of Things (IoT) deployments require robust security. Every endpoint in your IoT deployment represents a potential vulnerability that hackers can exploit. Bad actors that gain access to IoT devices in health care facilities, factories or homes can cause serious harm. Ensuring end-to-end IoT security throughout your IoT environment is critical.  

The IoT landscape is on an exponential growth trajectory. Projections indicate that the number of deployed IoT devices will reach 30 billion by 2025.  

This growth offers significant business opportunities. However, the other side of this growth is the increasing amount of data created by IoT, which attracts cybercriminals. The World Economic Forum places the risk of cyberattacks on IoT on par with potential natural disasters and terrorism. 

IoT Security Issues and the Consequences of Cyberattacks 

Beyond isolated incidents, IoT security risks extend to society at large. They impact essential services and even have implications in the context of warfare. The IoT landscape’s dual nature underscores the need for comprehensive security measures. 

Cybercriminal motivations in the IoT space are multifaceted and encompass:  

  • Fraud  
  • Personal data theft 
  • Control over IoT infrastructure for more complex attacks  
  • The deployment of IoT ransomware campaigns 

Real-world examples show that IoT security concerns aren’t theoretical. These campaigns carry heavy consequences, especially for critical infrastructure, including smart meter and grid disruptions and medical IoT devices

Regulatory initiatives highlight the growing recognition of the urgency to address IoT security risks and enforce compliance. 

IoT systems are interconnected and require a holistic security approach. IoT ecosystem components demand comprehensive strategies that cover detection and prevention.  

Key Takeaways 

Watch this webinar to gain a better understanding of the security risks the IoT ecosystem faces. Implementing effective security measures is crucial to protect the interconnected IoT landscape, and proactive risk management is imperative. Our experts provide valuable insights into the current state of IoT security and its real-world implications.  

You will learn: 

  • What security issues the IoT industry faces with 5G  
  • How to reduce cybersecurity risks for cloud and edge computing  
  • The importance of designing security into your IoT strategy from the start (i.e., security by design)