WE866A1-P Wi-Fi Module

Wi-Fi Only, Ultra-Compact LGA Module

Integrating Wi-Fi™ to your IoT solution is simplified with the use of our pre-certified Wi-Fi module, WE866A1-P. The module’s small footprint and rich features make it perfect for network applications such as smart energy, sensor networks, home automation, and nearly any other application that benefits from Wi-Fi support.


This add-on WLAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) module provides a secure, powerful solution for customers looking for a simple and fast way to embed local area communication to Wi-Fi standards with cellular backhaul to powered by our xE910 line of 2G, 3G, LTE modules.

Telit WE866A1-P module

Key Features: WE866A1-P

  • xE866 Telit Form Factor
  • Pre-Certified: CE/FCC/IC/Wi-Fi
  • Low Power with power management features: 3.1V - 4.5V, 3.8V nominal
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Integrate Multiple Technologies with Telit

Telit modules for Cellular, Wi-Fi and Automotive applications share the same DNA, so designing solutions using two or three Telit modules is simpler and more cost effective than using modules from different vendors. Reduce risk,  development and  testing time while adding superior performance and improved ROI.