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Top 5 Benefits Operational Technology (OT) Integration Specialists Deliver to Enterprises

  • Connect all your devices to apps so they can talk to one another.
  • Cut installation and maintenance costs by reducing the use of intermediate technology, custom coding, and home-grown solutions.
  • Reduce your time to market by selecting the best connectivity options for each device type.
  • Build your IoT solution around your existing systems and equipment: legacy, modern, proprietary, and open source.
  • Future-proof your installation by eliminating conversion risks up front.

Simplify your IoT integration from edge to cloud

Internet of things (IoT) solutions are game-changers for enterprises. By connecting devices across your operations, you can collect data to drive quality improvements, implement predictive maintenance, and speed up innovation to keep pace with rapidly evolving markets.

However, without the expertise of a proven OT systems integrator, many IoT projects stall or fail due to connectivity challenges or a lack of qualified resources. When you work with an experienced OT integrator, your devices can talk to your automated systems, you gain the scalability to grow, and you can get your project up and running in weeks instead of months.

Because IoT demands both OT and IT capabilities, your end-to-end environment requires a wide variety of expertise across multiple technologies and systems. In fact, OT provides the majority of data required to drive informed decision-making across an enterprise.

Although most system integrators are experts in IT integration, many do not have the skills or depth of knowledge needed for OT integration. Without this expertise, you’ll miss project deadlines, run over budget, and fail to deliver high-quality results.

OT systems integration in action:
See the Tennant case study

Three Roadblocks to IoT Success

There are three primary reasons IoT projects either stall or fail to deliver the anticipated benefits a company is looking for. If you tackle these issues before you begin, you’ll accelerate your IoT implementations and the advantages they offer:


Connecting everything is complex.

Today’s businesses are evolving as quickly as technology allows — but they want to make use of their prior investments. Connecting thousands of legacy, modern, proprietary, and open source machines and other devices that use IoT-enabled sensors can be difficult without deep OT experience. Complex setup requirements have kept some IoT projects from getting off the ground. And even if devices are connected, there are often no simple tools for managing the devices and extracting data from one “language” into another.


Reliance on custom coding can slow down time to value.

Getting all your legacy devices to communicate with your modern devices — and connecting that network to your established systems — has traditionally taken a lot of custom code to account for different protocols and brands. Without an OT systems integrator to help you select and connect the wide variety of vendor solutions and protocols leveraging off-the-shelf tools, leads to custom coding solutions, which can shackle your ability to deploy fast and maximize your return on investment.


Scalability is not a given.

To control costs, most IoT projects start out small and scalability is an afterthought. Problems arise when small IoT projects need to scale either in terms of the number of connected devices (going from hundreds to tens of thousands) or in terms of upstream integration scalability (a single system or apps) to integrating into many. The cost of scaling in both cases can become prohibitive, not to mention it becomes more expensive to update and upgrade.

You can avoid these challenges by choosing the right integration partner to keep your project on track and targeted for success.

What is an OT systems integration specialist (and why do I need one)?

In an effective IoT solution, OT and IT capabilities are unified in a cohesive system that provides data for analytics that drives outcomes. Sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other devices on factory floors, in stores, in offices, in the field, and elsewhere must be fully connected from the edge of the IoT network, where they reside, to an IoT core, which is most often hosted in a cloud environment.

Although new sensors and devices are often designed up front for IoT functionality and enable the capture of valuable data easily, it’s difficult to connect pre-existing OT equipment, some without even IP connectivity, without expert help. An expert can also help with other challenges such as identifying what type of sensors are needed, what data does or doesn’t need to be collected, and figuring out how to get the data to the cloud. That’s why an OT systems integrator with decades of experience in device integration and connection management is an essential partner for building a complete and successful IoT solution.

An experienced OT systems integrator delivers solution architecture and design, incorporating high availability, scalability, security, device management, connectivity management and more.

They help you choose the right hardware, off the shelf or with minimal customization, and provide development teams with experience in hardware, firmware, embedded agent coding, UX/UI design, and web and mobile development.

Get help from an experienced OT systems integrator to find the right data-centric IoT software platform or platforms for you among the myriad of options on the market. And they can do this without bias — ideally, selecting one that is designed from the ground up to connect legacy and modern devices, regardless of the communication protocol. Your platform architecture will provide a central data pipeline to all of your devices and applications, giving you complete control over how, when and where your data is used and keeping it secure both in transit and at rest. Then you can be sure that you get the data you need and pipe it into any analytical application — one you already own or one you create for your specific needs.

Finally, the evaluation of plans and cost optimization when working with individual mobile network operators (MNOs) globally can be challenging for enterprises. Your OT systems integrator can help select the right mobile data plans for you.

Full IoT Solution

Telit Plan B Diagram

Telit specializes in edge-to-cloud integration and offers products and services for end-to-end IoT solutions.

OT systems integrators drive edge-to-cloud integration

With the right OT system integrator partner, you can connect all your devices to your cloud solutions to simplify and accelerate your IoT deployments. See how businesses like yours are achieving new levels of efficiency with IoT solutions:

Reduce field service operations processes and costs through continuous monitoring

Service operations are expensive and time-consuming for companies with products that must be maintained and repaired in the field. With more than 50% of service companies performing manual operations, services are typically scheduled based on routines, rather than on actual need. See how an OT systems integrator can create IoT solutions that optimize service operations by continuously monitoring products in the field — to help you deliver the right services when they’re needed. With IoT, sensors keep track of product use and status, reporting on excessive wear to warn of possible failure before it happens.

Learn more about how you can drive cost-effective field service operations.

Deploy IoT on automotive production lines without shutting them down

Automakers are excited about how IoT can improve production efficiency and quality and reduce costs. But taking a whole system offline to implement an IoT solution can cost automakers more than $30 million per day in lost production. See how two automakers were able to administer IoT tools to deliver fresh insights without disrupting their systems. By using Telit’s industrial IoT device management and enablement platform, automakers can seamlessly integrate around existing architecture to connect and monitor devices they already have in place, transforming a facility into a smart automotive production plant.

Learn how two automakers benefit from the Telit deviceWISE IoT solution.

Enable predictive maintenance for mining companies anywhere in the world

Outotech is a global organization that designs and develops technology for processing metals and minerals and also runs mining sites in remote areas. Outotech’s complex tools generate huge amounts of data and use PLCs to control machinery, but they lacked the capability to perform on-premises statistical analysis. The company not only needed to continuously monitor their machines and extract the data required for predictive maintenance, they also needed to transmit that data to another part of the world for analysis. Outotech solved its operational challenges by connecting devices and sensors to gather and transmit data using cloud storage.

Learn how the manufacturer forged a close relationship with OT system integrators to ensure optimal operations.

Simplify remote troubleshooting while safeguarding data, devices and applications

When a manufacturer had problems decoding a machine controller’s encrypted diagnostic files, the company called an experienced OT system integrator to build a solution. The manufacturer gained on-site edge processing to feed the data to a cloud database, where they could access it quickly and securely by using a web application. The end-to-end solution included access control management and multilayered security to safeguard data, devices, applications, and the platform against external and internal cyberthreats.

Learn how the manufacturer can access data remotely through its IoT portal, allowing it to integrate and analyze data, leverage insights to streamline efficiency and unveil new growth opportunities.

Telit delivers edge-to-cloud integration to unlock the value of your data

IoT analysts sometimes speak of data as the “oil” of today’s digital economy. But without the right expertise and tools to locate and extract that oil, it’s worthless. When you work with an OT system integrator, you gain an experienced team of operational technology system integrators with the skills, tools, and resources to unlock the full value of your real-time and historical data. At Telit, we are uniquely equipped to simplify your IoT edge-to-cloud integration, accelerate your digital transformation, and reduce your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

A pioneer and leader in enterprise-grade IoT products and software for nearly 20 years, Telit has earned a reputation for solving the toughest IoT challenges. Our OT system integrators provide tailored IoT consulting and solutions for more than 7,000 customers and partners across a wide range of industries. We’ve helped enterprises get to the source of their untapped data for decades.

  • We’ve enabled the connection of 100 million things globally — there isn’t a device that surprises us.
  • Our professional services bring together a wealth of IoT edge, connectivity and cloud platform technology to address your specific application needs.
  • We make it easy to integrate into your existing cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure, or other platforms, and we provide seamless integration with IoT platforms including those from SAP, Siemens, and IBM.
  • As the leading independent expert when it comes to OT integration, Telit offers impact through expertise.

To ensure your success, Telit holds 400+ product certifications and operates eleven R&D centers with more than 500 engineers. We enable thousands of successful IoT solutions for all types of enterprises and continue to invest in our technology roadmap, which will push the industry forward for years to come. As a trusted partner, Telit helps you tap into the wealth of data locked in your assets to enable your digital transformation.

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