Unlicensed Low Power Wide Area Network (U-LPWA) modules including LoRa®

LPWA unlicensed solutions

Need coverage in remote, rural areas? Telit’s portfolio of LoRa and Wirepas unlicensed spectrum solutions are certified, scalable, and easy to deploy wherever needed.

Unlicensed spectrum LPWA

For Public or Private networks, applications such agriculture, water or gas meters, logistics, asset tracking, Lightning, environmental sensoring, Smart building ,  Unlicensed low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies like LoRa® and Wirepas are a simple, quick  and efficient low power solutions.

They are easy to deploy wherever needed and offer excellent battery life for devices that deliver updates intermittently.

LoRa® and Wirepas® modules from Telit



LoRa®, Bluetooth® Low Energy and NFC
LoRa Alliance 1.02 Class A/C Certified module
Bluetooth v4.2 Certified module
RED certified module
Standalone or hosted solutions
2.4GHz Mesh network solution
Unlimited Network Scale and Coverage
Fully automatic – Zero configuration

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