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Welcome to the Telit Developer Zone
Accelerate IoT innovation.

Get access to developer tools including our IoT App Zone, development, and evaluation kits. Telit makes it easy to develop,  test and launch IoT applications.

IoT App Zone

Accelerate innovation using framework and tools leveraging the full power of Telit's IoT modules.

Development and Evaluation Kits

Enterprise Dev Kit EVK2

Streamlines prototyping cycles for all Telit cellular module families with the EVK2 development system.

IoT Device Prototyping Kit EVB

Fast-track your smart IoT device development with Telit's next generation development and evaluation platform.

Wi-Fi Evaluation Boards

Evaluate the capabilities of Telit Wi-Fi modules and develop hosted and hostless application software.

Wi-Fi Video Application Development Kit

Build 720p resolution H.264 streaming video and two-way audio streaming applications.

Wi-Fi Apple HomeKit Application Development Kit

Test Wi-Fi concepts and create prototypes for Apple’s Homekit framework quickly and get your products ready for market.

Wi-Fi Software Development Kit

Extend the Telit networking software and/or develop your own embedded application code on the modules.

Wi-Fi Smart Plug Application Development Kit

Create smart home devices with a Wi-Fi connected single socket, 100-265V smart plug.

Wi-Fi Music Application Development Kit

Build wireless music applications such as speakers, headsets, voice capable doorbells using Telit Wi-Fi modules.

Wi-Fi SDIO Adaptor Board

SD card slot module lets you evaluate as well as to develop software for MCU-host-based, Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Wi-Fi Starter Kit Boards

Evaluate the capabilities of the GS2200 series modules with the easy to use evaluation and development platform.

Wi-Fi Shield

Shield assembled and ready to connect provides instant Wi-Fi functionality for your Arduino stack.

Wi-Fi Multi-module Programmer

High-speed Xeltek gang programmer, programs up to four Telit Wi-Fi modules simultaneously.

Wi-Fi Single-module Programmer

Program Telit Wi-Fi modules based on the GS2000 SoC. Select and load the WLAN and APP firmware binaries.

Wi-Fi Over the Air Firmware Upgrade ADKs

Wirelessly upgrades the embedded firmware in Telit Wi-Fi modules via a PC or mobile app (iOS or Android).

Wi-Fi Provisioning ADKs for iOS - WAC

Evaluation Board with embedded Wireless Accessory Configuration (WAC) IC from Apple.

Wi-Fi SDK Builder

Easy-to-use web-tool lets you customize and configure how the Wi-Fi module interfaces with your application's microcontroller.

Wi-Fi Provisioning ADKs

Quickly configure the Wi-Fi parameters of the modules using either smartphones (iOS or Android based) or PCs (web browser).

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