Telit Launches Cloud Triggers That Change the Way You Manage Your IoT Deployments

September 27, 2017

Cloud logic makes it easier to efficiently manage your IoT deployments by changing device behaviors based on settings that you control. Last year, Telit launched cloud logic to help our customers improve efficiency. While our edge software already had a wide range of triggers and event logic that could be built from the Telit deviceWISE® Workbench, we have now added the same type of event and action logic for the cloud. With branching logic, you can start with a singular event and have multiple actions take place on the data. Read on to find out more about multi-action triggers, graphical development interface, and cloud triggers within the Telit IoT platform.

Multi-Action Sequential Triggers

With the addition of multi-action sequential triggers, Telit platform users can now add one or more actions to a trigger. Each action is able to access the prior action’s output in addition to variables made available by the trigger event. Telit will continue to add more actions and more events to our cloud system so that you can build complex logic to manage the data as it passes through or passes into the Telit portal.

Graphical Development Interface

Telit has also provided cloud platform users with functionality similar to what is used in the edge gateway software. Inspired by the deviseWISE Workbench, the Cloud Trigger Developers Canvas provides a flow chart/logic diagram of the trigger. This built-in cloud feature enables users to build logic through events and actions to create useful and complex logic to publish and manage data as well as push it to other locations.

Cloud Triggers

Cloud trigger events are the conditions that cause the trigger to execute. Users launch with a specific set of events, which could be alarm changes, location changes, etc. There are a number of things that trigger an event or that can be triggered by an event. The available trigger events are shown in the table below: CloudTriggers-IMAGE1.jpg

Then, there is a series of actions that we can apply against the event with a wide range of possibilities. Cloud trigger actions are the sequence of instructions to be executed when an event is triggered in the platform. These can be seen in the table below:


In addition to these cloud triggers, Telit has also added some specific trigger enhancements that offer significant improvements and additions to the cloud triggers. Multiple decoding actions benefit the user by supporting more data manipulation options. Here are just a few of the additions that Telit has added:

• Control triggers to only run in specific times
• New Cloud Trigger Event: method.exec
• Added JSON parser cloud trigger action
• Added sms.receive cloud trigger event
• Added ability to publish to MQTT topic from cloud trigger
• Added action to iterate over array
• Added action to iterate over object This new cloud logic is changing the way our customers manage their IoT deployments. If you’re ready to see how the Telit IoT Platform can help your company save money and improve efficiency,

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