Increase Efficiency by Sharing Data Securely

October 23, 2017

Increase Efficiency by Sharing Data Securely

Increase Efficiency by Sharing Data Securely

Sometimes organizations need to share data from connected devices in support of coordinated work efforts. Object sharing makes it easy and convenient for different organizations to share data and resources with one another. In addition, this feature allows you to set permissions that are appropriate for the organizations that you are sharing data with. In this post, we’ll talk about why this new feature is important and how it might be used in the field to improve data and resource sharing across organizations.

What is Object Sharing?

To put it simply, object sharing enables the sharing of data and resources between distinct organizations. The Telit IoT platform feature allows an organization to share things and connections with read or read/write permissions. With the platform’s sharing tab, you can easily set up access to a connection or thing with other partnering organizations. You can specify the permission for each shared connection to allow the partnering organization the access they need to your data and resources.

Use Case: Emergency Services

There are many instances when object sharing makes operations more convenient and efficient for an organization, especially when it comes to the day-to-day operations of a smart city. But what happens when sharing access to a connection or thing becomes a matter of life and death?

Object sharing can change the way that individual city departments such as the fire, utilities, and police manage their pools of data and share vital information with one another. For example, there are certain situations in which the fire department may need to access water pressure information before they reach the location of a fire or other emergency situation. Similarly, the police department might need to access ongoing information from the incident that the fire department has responded to.

Object sharing makes it possible for different city departments to share vital information in real-time. This allows emergency response teams as well as other organizations to exchange information and data that provides greater insight into devices implemented across the city.

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