deviceWISE for Factory

Get Your IIoT Solution Done, Without Worrying About How To Do It


Get your IIoT solution done, without worrying about how to do it

IIoT brings this notion that you should be able to just connect everything together, and it should just work. But we all know, it doesn’t really work that way. No IIoT platform out there has really solved this problem of “how to get everything to talk together” so you can collect data. That’s why there’s deviceWISE for Factory. It’s completely designed around the chokepoints to deploying your IIoT solution.

Think what you could do, if your IIoT parts and pieces just worked. You wouldn’t have to worry about how to connect your Siemens part to your SAP part to your Amazon cloud part. They would just “talk”.

Now they can.

When all your devices, applications, “things”, all talk a common technical language, it suddenly gets a lot easier.

Your IT professionals can sit down and work with your plant floor devices and applications. Your operations team can sit down and work with your enterprise applications and remote device assets. Your CEO and CFO can access that report they’ve always wanted. Everyone, in every part of your organization, can sit down and be productive with your IIoT solution.



Bypass Technology Hurdles

You have better things to be doing with your time rather than constructing custom programming work-arounds to all your IIoT connectivity challenges. Plug in deviceWISE, let it automatically connect all your devices and applications together, and start configuring with drag-and-drop logic quickly.

Less time coding means you'll get to release backlogged projects

  • No custom programming required!
  • What took 3 months can now be done in a few days
  • Easy-to-use visual logic engine lets you build with drag-and-drop triggers and flow steps
  • Both IT and plant engineers can use the same interface, without learning new code

Make all your devices and apps "talk" the same language

  • The most complete device and application driver set – over hundreds of native drivers.
  • Works with anything from modern equipment to 30-year-old CNC machines
  • No need to use OPC-DA or OPC-UA, since deviceWISE has all the drivers built-in (you can also OPC-DA and UA for those rare occasions)
  • Make any device talk to any application
  • Make your PLCs and CNCs talk to any database or any other PLC
  • Avoid the vendor lock, and never worry about what “brand” you have or will purchase in the future



Integrate Around Your Existing Systems

You choose what deployment options are best: on-premise, cloud or hybrid IIoT architecture. Use deviceWISE to seamlessly integrate around your existing system architecture, or however you want to build a new system. 

No need to rip and replace – build IIoT around your system

  • Keep and use your legacy equipment: legacy, modern, proprietary, or open source
  • Eliminate the need for new layers of middleware, hardware, and custom code
  • Works with any system architecture: brownfield or greenfield systems
  • Install deviceWISE anywhere: on server, rack, on the edge
  • It’s cross platform so you can use any operating system

Bring everything together with omnidirectional integration

  • The only system that natively and directly connects shop floor to top floor and extends to the cloud (or hybrid) and horizontally to all your assets, additional plants, suppliers, machine builders, customers, etc.
  • Connect multiple facilities to compare and use a common data model across the enterprise
  • Connect one cloud to another cloud, to build new business models with your suppliers or customers



Build Any IIoT Solution

Get everything you need to build a complete, Telit's comprehensive IIoT solution, without touching the PLC ladder logic or using OPC. deviceWISE software removes the technical complexities that accompany IIoT development so you can focus on building out your solution.

Simplify development and rapidly prototype your IIoT projects

  • Drag-and-drop development with deviceWISE Workbench designer tool, included free
  • Virtualize any PLC for offline development
  • Build configurations faster and easier by aliasing different devices (ie. PLCs, CNCs, etc.)
  • Update edge logic remotely (i.e. tags, triggers, alerts) and deploy across thousands of devices 
  • You only need to learn one interface to configure every IIoT asset, now and later

Bring any IIoT idea to life

  • Automate your data flows bidirectionally between devices and applications
  • Leverage your edge devices with powerful edge processing and edge analytics (and reduce polling and latency)
  • Analyze data directly with your existing enterprise applications by natively connecting to any HMI, SCADA, MES or ERP application or database (no big learning curves!)
  • Secure your system at every level with redundancy, store-and-forward, granulated access control, role-based access and detailed audit trails
  • Customize anything with the included API or SDK
  • IT departments will be happy with less new technology to install and manage
  • Operation personnel will be happy their deviceWISE solution meets most, if not all, IT requirements


Rapidly Deploy Anywhere and Everywhere

Say ‘yes’ to more of your IIoT projects because deviceWISE removes the barriers to development. Since you’ll be able to rapidly deploy your projects, you’ll start seeing the value of IIoT in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months or years.

Faster time-to-market for your IIoT deployments

  • No technical hurdles
  • No custom coding
  • No purchasing new equipment 
  • No re-doing your system architecture
  • What took months to code can be done in a few days

React faster by delivering real-time information to the right person at the right time

  • Complete operational visibility from the shop floor to the top floor
  • Deliver alerts via email and SMS how you want it: manually, scheduled, event-triggered
  • Choose where and how to use your data across your organization, such as SAP for dashboards, Oracle databases, etc.
  • Analyze data in the software tools that people are comfortable with, so your colleagues don’t have to learn another piece of software
  • Discover what’s really happening by putting data in context: example, add a vibration sensor to compare environmental data with production data


Scale to Any Size System, Now or Later

You can easily scale your IIoT solution from as small as a pilot project to a full-blown enterprise solution with multiple factories. You can even extend your IIoT outside of the “four walls” of the factory to build new service offerings that leverage data from your plant floor.

Lower total cost of ownership as your system scales

  • Scale your IIoT system as large and wide as your business needs 
  • Eliminate the cost of multiple layers of hardware, middleware, and custom code
  • Minimize network bandwidth use and related costs by utilizing your data more efficiently
  • Streamline the maintenance of your remote and global systems by using one single interface

Future proof your installation for the next 5, 10, 20+ years

  • Eliminate conversion risk: Every asset you have now, will work with any asset you purchase in the future
  • No need to learn multiple software interfaces to configure a variety of vendor offerings
  • Never worry about being “locked in” to one vendor


Leverage the Enabling Community

With deviceWISE as the foundation of your IIoT system, you get to be a part of an ever-growing global community focused on enabling the success of IIoT. You can grow your system with the confidence that you’ll always have the necessary resources easily at hand.

Telit University to get your team up to speed quickly

  • Learn the fundamentals of IoT and get up to speed on deviceWISE in 1 week
  • Instructor-led lectures and hands-on lab exercises to apply learning on-site
  • Build a prototype of your own IoT solution in our lab
  • Students make friendships with each other for learning beyond the classroom

Think bigger by leveraging the entire Telit portfolio

  • Go beyond the factory walls
  • Telit is the only pure-play IoT company on the market, with 15+ years of unmatched IoT expertise and know-how
  • We’ll help you answer any IoT-related problem or question
  • IoT concept ideation all the way to full-scale commercial deployments 
  • Leverage the deviceWISE-Ready Partner Ecosystem for even broader expertise
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