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Accelerate innovation using framework and tools leveraging the full power of the IoT module

IoT AppZone simplifies the design of your products and leveraging IoT Services allows you to manage the full  lifecycle of your applications and software components:

  • Develop
  • Debug and Test
  • Deploy and Manage Applications

Rely on powerful development tools, professional grade framework and APIs, built in IoT cloud services support.

Enjoy IoT app development that lets you stay focused on your core competencies

  • Reduce idea-to-market time applying every successful development experience into your future roadmaps
  • Enabling functions are available in the framework, optimized and fully tested for your platform
  • Keep all your effort investment on app components that deliver measurable value to your IoT solution

IoT development that accelerates innovation

  • Replace the old style presentation with a demo of your next big idea to management or potential customers
  • Design and build a proof of concept in record time and with minimal investment
  • When it comes time for commercial deployment, deliver a full featured, professional and stable solution with reduced time and project costs.
  • Leverage robust, thoroughly tested building blocks and architecture to shorten your development cycles, avoid endless delays for debugging and instability, get quickly to final production release

All verticals supported

  • Framework is tuned for IoT modules, it is flexible and application agnostic, enabling development for all verticals – including industrial, AMR, smart home.

Lower the cost of your device

  • Reduce development time and BOM cost with hardware consolidation.

Out-of-the-box integration with IoT cloud services

Full integration with Telit services lets you easily build iot solutions from device to cloud.

The synergistic integration with Telit services reduces time to market, enabling complete end-to-end solutions with minimal effort.

Collect information from sensor, send data securely to the cloud and publish them or interface with Enterprise systems using DW agent and the IoT Portal, deploy and update firmware and applications over-the-air, manage configuration files and security, and much more.

Broad range of solutions

Broad range of development environments.

Take full advantage of hardware features and capabilities, enabling software development across all products.

The app-to-module IoT ADE

Leverage the full power of the IoT module