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Customer Support

IoT Connectivity provides our service level agreement (SLA) customers dedicated 24x7x365 technical support which includes first and second line support by Telit IoT experts. Our dedicated group of experts can assist you with technical support throughout the various stages of your IoT Connectivity deployment process.

Connectivity Technical Support for North America

Phone +1 847-478-4333 (U.S. only)
Phone +1 847-478-4578 (International)


Connectivity Technical Support for Other regions

Phone +39 040-41-92-555


Real-Time Access

E-portal IoT Connectivity customers have complete access to a wide array of real-time network and provisioning information designed to streamline management of IoT applications, both deployed and under deployment.

Manage and troubleshoot your SIM and modules:
ePortal Login

North American IoT Connectivity customers:
ePortal Login

Issue an online ticket by going to our customer zone:
Open Support Ticket [North American IoT Connectivity customers only]

On-Site Technical Support

A unique service from IoT Connectivity is our on-site technical support. Telit's field application engineers (FAEs) with years of in-depth knowledge in all of IoT's underlying technologies are available to spend time on-site with your technical and application deployment teams to expedite and ensure your application deployment with IoT Connectivity goes entirely according to your plans.

Access to Telit R&D

IoT Connectivity technical support can provide customers with quick access to invaluable expertise and technical resources from the Telit R&D organization which can significantly reduce time and effort -to-market.

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