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Simplify IoT Design: Source Modules and Antennas Together

IoT Design Considerations

According to a report from Beecham Research, almost three-quarters of Internet of Things (IoT) projects will be deemed unsuccessful. While this can happen for various reasons, ensuring all the elements of an IoT project work well together is critical. 

Integrating wireless technology adds complexity to IoT product design. These complications are exacerbated when sourcing hardware components separately. 

During the design process, you must consider the following: 

  • Radio frequency (RF) performance 
  • Power consumption 
  • IoT system architecture 
  • Certifications 

Buying modules and antennas at different points in the IoT journey may save money in the short term. However, should problems arise, the costs will rise with them. 

Discover How to Choose the Right IoT Module and Antenna Provider 

You must test and certify every technology you add to your connected device. Sourcing your modules and antennas from trusted providers guarantees that everything will integrate easily and remain secure. As a result, you’ll gain faster time to market and mitigate risks. 

When selecting your IoT hardware components, you must consider factors such as environments and deployment scenarios. Choosing the right vendor ensures you’ll receive expert advice on the best modules and antennas for your IoT application. A provider with proven knowledge and experience will help you overcome IoT design challenges throughout your deployment journey. 

Key Takeaways 

Join Taoglas, Techship and Telit Cinterion to explore IoT design considerations and expedite the implementation phase. Our expert speakers will guide you through the fundamentals and practical approaches for optimizing antenna choices. This discussion will empower you to enhance your IoT device range, tower coverage and overall connectivity

You will discover: 

  • How sourcing everything you need from the start of your IoT project can boost quality and ROI 
  • RF best practices and a practical approach for selecting antennas 
  • Insights on elevating the performance and quality of your IoT solution during development 
  • How selecting trusted suppliers for antennas and modules can improve stability and performance