How to Choose the Right IoT Provider

May 20, 2022

New IoT providers with the latest bells and whistles are entering the marketplace regularly. That means you have many options for selecting an IoT provider. How can you ensure that you make the right choice? 

If your main consideration is cost, be careful that you don’t end up saving money in the short run but losing overall. IoT providers that lack the experience and applications to keep you running could cost you more than your initial investment.

For example, many newer companies haven’t had any experience with technology sunsets. With the advent of 5G, a significant technology shutdown is on the horizon: the 3G sunset.

Get Connected in One Click

If your vendor can’t transition you seamlessly to 5G, you’re facing an outage that shuts your machines down and the revenue streams they produce. Such an outage can cause damage to your company’s reputation long after the issue is resolved. 

Serving your customers requires dependable, future-proof connectivity solutions that keep you up and running in any circumstance. While a vendor might get you connected, you want one that can keep you connected. The most innovative application is useless if connectivity goes dark. You need a trusted provider with the experience, capability and contingency plans to see you through your toughest connectivity challenges. 

3 Things to Look for in an IoT Vendor 

We know your IoT investment dollars are precious. Spend them well by choosing an IoT vendor with strength in these three areas:

  1. Longevity and Maturity
    The value of an experienced provider is borne out when things go wrong. Choose a provider that has been battle-tested, knows how to solve real-world problems and can pivot quickly to keep you connected. You’ll want a provider that has been through previous IoT evolutions so they can guide you through challenges, including the move to 5G. 
  1. Bundled Services
    An innovative application and a SIM card aren’t enough to ensure that your operations will continue uninterrupted for the long term. All the puzzle pieces must work together. Your provider should offer a complete solution, including network support, so you can feel confident that you’ll have ongoing service. 
  1. Scalable and Flexible Solutions
    Your needs are unique. Seek out a provider that has various tools and solutions to choose from, such as:
  • An extended geographic footprint  
  • Enhanced connectivity  
  • Global partnerships to offer a broad range of supported options 

Cost is certainly a consideration when choosing a provider, but it shouldn’t be primary. Make trust, not cost, the deciding factor when you’re selecting an IoT vendor. Improve returns on your IoT investment with future-proof solutions delivered by an experienced, strategic connectivity provider that can help you overcome future challenges. 

Make Telit Cinterion Your Trusted Provider

Telit Cinteiron’s hardware know-how is enhanced by time-tested connectivity expertise. We have the strategic savvy to help you seamlessly flip the switch as 2G and 3G networks sunset to make way for 5G and transitional 4G enhancements.

Our cellular-connected, managed module bundles reflect our whole-picture perspective. These offerings ensure that you get the out-of-the-box working solutions you need to achieve your business goals. We provide the geographical and solution versatility and the network that creates the foundation for your success in a global 5G environment.  

Choose a trusted provider with the knowledge and portfolio to support you now and in the future. Speak with our IoT connectivity experts to get the best return on your IoT investment.