6 Buzzwords You Need to Know to Understand IoT Connectivity

    The Internet of Things (IoT) offers myriad connectivity technology options for your deployment. With all the acronyms and initialisms, choosing the right technology can be overwhelming. What do these terms mean, and why do you need them? 

    Join Telit for a webinar that will explore the following IoT connectivity technologies:

    • VoLTE
    • Cat M
    • NB-IoT 
    • 5G 
    • eSIM 
    • eUICC 

    You’ll discover the definitions of these buzzwords and why they’re essential for your IoT deployment. 

    Attendees will learn: 

    • Which technology would suit my needs 
    • The advantageous relationship between eSIM and eUICC 
    • How 5G is changing the IoT connectivity landscape 
    • Why technologies like NB-IoT are a cost-effective choice for applications like parking meters