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Enabling Mobile Healthcare Solutions for Diabetes

Touchcom has developed blood glucose monitoring technology that connects a mobile glucose meter to a healthcare cloud server.

– Sino Cheng, General Manager



Due to aging populations and rising obesity rates, the number of adults worldwide with diabetes has more than doubled in the last three decades. Diabetes is a costly, chronic disease with no cure. Defining the distribution of specific characteristics among diabetics can assist in planning, implementing, and evaluating diabetic programs for primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and control. In planning services for diabetes control, equity policies have to be considered.

Home glucose monitoring is universally recognized as essential to the management of diabetes and the prevention of complications. Today, there are many diabetes patients that need to be monitored. Touchcom’s Mobile Blood Glucose Meter provides instant transmission of testing results to a care management server with instant feedback and coaching to the patient.

Why Telit?

Touchcom chose Telit’s UE910 module as it is fast and reliable, allowing patients to instantly transmit their glucose testing results to the care management server in order to get vital feedback and coaching from their healthcare provider.



Touchcom developed a 3.5G Mobile Blood Glucose Meter with Cloud Service, which helps patients improve diabetes management by improving communication and connection between patient and caregiver or healthcare provider. With the patient in control, this type of connectivity helps to empower them to take control of their health by improving adherence to recommended testing.


With this connected device, patients can give anyone who supports them, such as their healthcare providers and family members, read-only access to their glucose data. Patients determine the members of their support network that are allowed to view their results. The Touchcom portal allows users to view all their glucose data from a PC, Mac or Smartphone.


Touchcom’s 3.5G mobile blood glucose meter with cloud service is one of the world’s first cellular-enabled blood glucose meters. Since its deployment, this technology has helped transform the management of diabetes from inefficient and episodic contact between patient and caregiver into a continuous and empowering model.


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