Medicaltech: Leveraging Mobile Broadband IoT for Telehealth

As broadband access grows worldwide, so does the opportunity to extend medical care to more people. This access is crucial for those who can’t travel to a clinic because it’s far or difficult. In 2018, 20% of health care providers offered telemedicine services.

By April 2020, it skyrocketed to more than half in large part due to the pandemic.

According to a World Bank blog post, COVID-19 put an impetus on the industry to find new ways to provide medical care. It highlighted the need to leverage cellular and other connectivity technologies to enable telemedicine.

Cellular is a key enabler for this trend. It’s bringing broadband to places where copper and fiber are difficult or expensive to build out (e.g., rural areas and developing countries). A 2020 GSMA study showed 93% of the world’s population had 4G coverage at the end of 2019.

Transforming Smartphones into Health Care Hubs

Medicaltech is leveraging mobile broadband to drive telemedicine adoption with Servizio di Telemedicina di Assistenza Integrata (STAI SICURO). This software platform and companion mobile app enable patients’ smartphones to collect and upload data from medical devices (e.g., pulse oximeters, thermometers and sphygmomanometers). The app supports video, allowing patients to interact with doctors and other health care providers.

The service provides remote assistance, instrumental diagnosis, and dialogue and listening opportunities in these times requiring physical distancing. This innovative paradigm allows doctors to be available even at the last minute and in total safety.

Mirella Mastretti, Medicaltech Director of Research and Development

The STAI SICURO system is useful and effective from a health point of view. It has proved to be simple to use, which is a fundamental aspect for our patients.

Roberto Bianchi, President of Punto Famiglia Assistance

The Telit Advantage

To ensure STAI SICURO has reliable broadband connectivity, Medicaltech partnered with Telit, which provides:

SIM Cards Pre-Provisioned with 4G Service

Telit SIM cards free Medicaltech and STAI SICURO users from researching and choosing a mobile operator. This freedom speeds deployment and enables Medicaltech to market the solution to a bigger pool of potential customers.

Telit OPTIMUS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine

Telit’s OPTIMUS billing solution analyzes each SIM’s data usage and assigns it to the most cost-effective data plan. Medicaltech can manage their connectivity in a portal from a single pane of glass.

STAI SICURO is a real virtual clinic allowing patient monitoring with vital parameters collection and immersive televisit possibilities.

Dr. Francesco Chiumeo, a general practitioner in the province of Trento and President of Sermeda, a medical cooperative
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