An IoT Data Plan Billing Solution to Manage Your IoT Deployment

There are a few essential criteria that you must consider when selecting the best IoT plan for your business, whether you are just getting started with your IoT deployments or you already have thousands of connections installed. However, businesses often have little time to find the best rates, deal with roaming overages or troubleshoot device connectivity issues.

Network service providers tend to have you choose your rates at the beginning of the billing cycle and guess which plan is best for your fleet use. Whether your fleet has hundreds of vehicles or 20, it’s impossible to know or predict how much data you need for each SIM every month or if your data usage will stay the same.

Some devices may use more data than the plan allows, and some may stay well under the limit. As your data usage changes for each SIM, you may need to choose a different plan, which can lead to selecting a more costly plan to ensure you don’t go over. Not knowing what you’ll pay every month can lead to significant financial risks.

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Telit OPTIMUS assigns every SIM in your deployment to the most cost-efficient plan. No hidden fees or overages.

Telit OPTIMUS empowers you to:

  • Automate data plan assignments every month to ensure each product line has its share of bandwidth
  • Remove operational overhead on data plan management and stay focused on your core business
  • Avoid bill shock by preventing IoT rate plan overpayments
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Optimize Your Data Plan
with Telit OPTIMUS

Telit OPTIMUS is an automated data plan management solution. It harnesses AI to drive down costs and maximize IoT investment productivity. You can configure individual data plan profiles based on your unique business requirements.

It's time for practical accounting and billing solutions that keep your IoT engine running on all cylinders.