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We’ve been working with Telit because they provided us with the best technical solution and prompt technical support.

– Nuno Martins, Product Manager


Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA) (now Anova) specializes in LPG Bulk Tank Monitoring. The technology has been applied in several market segments from LPG to Oil and Fuel as well as Gas Cylinders. The principal monitoring objective is to provide accurate information about the level of all containers. This allows the distributor/utility to use this information in its value chain to optimize the replacement and refilling of fuel tanks.


Until 2013, ISA was one of the leaders in the application of m2m technology to the gas telemetry market, having deployed 50,000 systems worldwide, using mainly a GSM/GPRS communication infrastructure. However, this began to change as consumer demand shifted over time. In order to meet the current needs of customers, ISA positioned itself as a company that was closer to the end customer, enabling the utility/distributor to have direct engagement with its customers.


ISA has enabled the current customer portfolio to not only deploy sensors at the tank but also collect information on how the customer really uses its energy sources. In order to do so, ISA has entered the IoT era, starting with extending the range of measured physical variables. In end-user homes, these include gas tank levels, electricity consumption, sub-metering, temperatures, and humidity. This allows ISA to provide more information so that the utility/distributor can re-create the end-user context, thereby being able to provide more accurate and personalized services in addition to the existing offer.

Why Telit?

ISA started integrating Telit technologies into its core products in order to enable a significant leap into the future of IoT. ISA uses the CE910-DUAL and GE910-QUAD V3 in their C-Log system as these modules were able to provide the most reliable connection for their customers.



ISA developed C-Log, which provides remote monitoring equipment for fuel and gas tanks. This system delivers data logging and alarm transmission. It can be used in several monitoring solutions such as the level reading in gas and other fuel tanks. Being able to generate a much larger stream of data brought a new set of technological challenges to the table. That is why ISA partnered with Telit, utilizing the reliable CE910-DUAL and GE910-QUAD modules as well as technical support personnel to deploy their solutions.


ISA continues to be a leader in the remote monitoring solutions space for the oil and gas market. The company provides innovative and reliable products and remains committed to providing quality customer service.

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