September 21, 2021

Telit deviceWISE® VIEW Brings New Combination of HMI and Scada System with Native Industrial IoT

Telit deviceWISE® VIEW Brings New Combination of HMI and Scada System with Native Industrial IoT

Mobile friendly solution helps industrial companies and machine builders to completely digitize their production process with no-code dashboards

London, September 21, 2021 – Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a new, mobile-friendly, addition to its industrial IoT platform suite. Telit deviceWISE VIEW is a new IIoT-driven SCADA/ HMI system that allows engineers and shop floor staff to easily visualize, monitor, manage and analyze all factory machinery, external sensors and IT data from a central point. For more information, visit

With Telit deviceWISE VIEW, enterprises can create custom dashboards and HMIs to display on-premises or in the cloud easily using drag-and-drop widgets. Visualizing factory data can enable smarter business decisions by seeing patterns and trends, more easily analyzing data, and interpreting the data received.

Telit deviceWISE VIEW is designed to work in conjunction with the award-winning Telit deviceWISE, which saves time and simplifies the solution development lifecycle with advanced edge and cloud software capabilities. The product comes with hundreds of industrial drivers for machine and sensors data collection, an edge logic engine for data transformation and monitoring, IT and Cloud connectors for IT/ OT integration, and a full SCADA/ HMI system for data visualization and alarming. Telit deviceWISE connects plant floor machines, enterprise systems and clouds without the need of custom code.

Using Telit deviceWISE and Telit deviceWISE VIEW in combination, shop floor managers can monitor machine productivity – in terms of parts processed per minute, process throughput analysis, quality and first pass yield, overall equipment effectiveness and other relevant KPIs for manufacturing management. The solution provides and presents vital data that enables preventive maintenance minimizing machine downtime and maximizing factory floor efficiency.

“Telit deviceWISE collects machine and sensor data with a selection of hundreds of industrial drivers. The data can be transformed and monitored on the edge without writing a single line of code and integrated with databases, IT systems or cloud,” said Ricardo Buranello, Head of Platforms Business Unit, Telit. “Now, with Telit deviceWISE VIEW, we can display that information in an easy-to-understand format, creating dashboards, digital twins and HMIs using quick and visual rich drag and drop tool. It’s like a live PowerPoint for machine data.”

Request a demonstration to see how easy it is to collect data from any machine, create dashboards, HMIs, alarms and actions in a few clicks and without writing custom code.

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