NExT™ eSIM Life Cycle

2G, 3G, 4G, LPWA and 5G technologies depend on seamless, reliable connectivity. Our solutions provide the flexibility to use new operator profiles anytime during an application’s life cycle. Fallback options mitigate connectivity service disruptions.

A cellular tower with icons representing IoT connectivity solutions.

Resilience and Business Continuity

A person is pointing at a digital screen displaying a thermometer, showcasing IoT connectivity solutions.

Profile Swap

Profile changes may be needed to ensure long-term business continuity. Our campaign manager allows you to define target device groups and chosen MNO profiles.

A view of Earth with connectivity lines like beams of light emanating from it.

Backup Options​

Fallback options are available for connectivity resilience. If a device is in weak signal conditions, it can automatically switch back to the global bootstrap. A fallback MNO profile can then be downloaded. 

​Our NExT global cellular connectivity profiles can also be a fallback option for your main connectivity. This increases the resilience of your mission-critical deployments.

A globe with lines connected to connectivity points across continents.

Long-Term Support

eSIM provisioning services are provided on our cloud infrastructure and supported by our 24/7 global team.

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