Telit secureWISE® Scheduler Server Enterprise Edition

Get in Control of Your Big Data Across Your Entire Enterprise

Depending on the scale of your operations, valuable data could be dispersed across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of machines around the world. Managing all that data, including all the issues related to uploading and downloading critical files, folders, and updates, can be an overwhelming task.

The Telit secureWISE Scheduler Server Enterprise Edition was designed to provide concurrent, unattended transfers of files, folders, and tool diagnostic data from multiple FABs. Scheduled tasks allow for the transfer of one or more files or folders based on whatever pre-determined schedule you need - all with robust security and fully detailed activity reports to document data movement.

Highest levels of security and reliability

  • Facilitate high volume transferring of files and folders from one or more locations.
  • Schedule and define transfer tasks by type and criteria.
  • Specify what specific files and folders are available to be downloaded or uploaded.
  • Includes comprehensive reporting capabilities, such as reports for activity, performance, tool service status, and user review.

Benefits for OEMs

  •  Collect log file data daily from all tools worldwide.
  •  Collect tool status information on a set time schedule.
  •  Monitor user activity throughout the system.
  •  Upload antivirus definitions to remote tools.

 Benefits for FABs

  • Programmatically move data from tools to a repository and erase the file(s) from the tools, thus preventing the tool disk from filling up and crashing the tool.
  • Copy recipe files from the offline editing server to the active tools.
  • Automatically copy process data from the secured tool to a repository.


To learn more, we invite you to request a 1-hour consultation to get an in-depth look at how Telit secureWISE Scheduler Server Enterprise Edition works and how we can help you move your data in an easily controlled manner.