Unlocking Success with Flexible Connectivity Solutions

October 6, 2023

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Connectivity activation provides the flexibility to choose the best-fit connectivity solutions. It saves time since it removes the need to send a technician on-site to change SIM cards manually. This solution improves device performance because it enables devices to always select the best network. In addition, connectivity activation prepares you for the inevitable integrated SIM (iSIM) wave.

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What Is Connectivity Activation?

Connectivity activation is a remote SIM provisioning solution. It allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), device makers and service providers to provision SIM cards with the operator subscription they choose. Connectivity activation also allows the flexibility to provision SIMs in different ways throughout the device life cycle.

Let’s look at some primary advantages of having enhanced flexibility for connectivity solutions.

Manufacturing for a Global Deployment

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It becomes a logistical and manufacturing nightmare for service providers when they must account for multiple operators. If a service provider works with 15 operators, they must create 15 part numbers with a SIM card for each.

However, connectivity activation enables service providers to produce one global stock-keeping unit (SKU) with improved flexibility. Having one SKU reduces costs, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Logistics
  • Stocking

Moreover, they can assess connectivity before shipping the device, eliminating the need to interact with it physically to provision a subscription.

Overcoming Roaming Restrictions 

Smart meters are installed where the utility and service provider have a clear contract, so there’s no mystery. However, not every case is so cut and dry.

For example, it’s hard to predict where a pet tracker will go and who will be involved in operating it. Other IoT applications, like asset tracking and telematics, also require localization.

Connectivity activation can decrease costs and optimize coverage. It can deploy local subscriptions to avoid being blocked in another country due to roaming restrictions.

Choosing the Best Network for Installation and Deployment

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Installing a device also means ensuring that it has always-on connectivity. Service providers must comply and ensure reliability, especially when working with cities, utilities or private customers.

Connectivity activation permits the pre-integration of remote SIM provisioning into a device. Service providers can scan for the optimal network for a location and install it accordingly. Selecting the best network is vital for customers building battery-operated devices as it will increase the battery’s longevity.

Business Continuity and Future-Proofing 

From an operational perspective, connectivity activation can help achieve business continuity across events like outages. Having the flexibility to install an alternative profile is one of the most effective ways to achieve resilience.

In addition, the flexibility to switch connectivity solutions will be essential when the era of the iSIM arrives. It will reduce installation times and support more efficient installation processes.

Telit Cinterion’s Flexible Connectivity Activation Solution

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Unlike other SIM vendors, Telit Cinterion does more than facilitate the provisioning of connectivity. Our deep access to the device allows us to pre-integrate technology solutions like eUICC and remote SIM provisioning.

Plus, our connectivity activation solution is provider-agnostic. We can interact with all MNOs and MVNOs without a server-to-server connection using IoT architecture defined by GSMA.

Telit Cinterion provides tools to expertly manage your IoT deployment regardless of its size. Speak with our experts to get started with flexible connectivity solutions.