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Telit Enables Acceleration of CIO’s IoT Digital Transformation

April 5, 2018

As IoT solutions increasingly use intelligence and data analytics, and integrate with enterprise management systems, the lines between operational technology [1](OT) and information technology (IT) are blurring. Most IoT solutions involve a combination of OT and IT. The IT in IoT includes the network, cloud-based platforms, data analytics, and integration with other cloud-based applications.

A glass building with the sun shining over the top. IoT vendors and service providers help create the building blocks of an overall solution that will help an organization realize its business objectives.

A typical IoT solution is deployed at the edge of the network to solve OT challenges. The IT department is typically involved at the end of the development cycle when cloud-based platforms and network connectivity enter the conversation. This typically results in a conflict between the IT and operations departments.

The CIO’s team is rarely involved with the front-end development of an IoT solution. Its involvement typically starts at the end of the solution development cycle when cloud-based platforms and connectivity management are discussed.

The CIO’s team faces a multitude of challenges when deploying IoT solutions, such as:

  • No Operations Expertise in the IT Department
  • Trying to Use IT to Solve OT Challenges
  • Leading the Conversation with Technology Instead of Business Benefits and Outcomes
  • Integration of New IoT Systems with Existing Systems

Alleviating Challenges and Accelerating IoT Deployment

IoT is inherently about connecting the dots and bridging the gap; whether that means coordinating IT and OT systems, aligning technology and business goals, or streamlining disparate protocols for connecting devices, the goal of IoT is to unify, simplify, and enhance these processes. Vendors and service providers in the IoT ecosystem play a role in creating the building blocks of an overall solution that will help an organization realize its business objectives.

As an IoT enabler and accelerator, Telit delivers modules to connect devices, provides a diverse range of wireless connectivity services, and offers IoT platforms for managing IoT solutions. Depending on the customer’s needs, the data collected can be accessed in the Telit cloud-based IoT Platform, on-premise servers or simple integration with enterprise cloud platforms.

The deep portfolio of Telit enables the company to develop a wide range of solutions that help an organization maximize its business value while significantly reducing the time to develop and deploy an IoT solution. Telit has over 20 years of field-proven experience in IoT and Digital Transformation with over 7,000 customers globally that engage with its professional services professionals spanning solution discovery, design, deployment, managed services and more. Telit has gained recognition from industry associations and was recently selected as the “2017 European IIoT Platform for Discrete Applications Customer Value Leadership” Best Practice recipient from Frost & Sullivan.

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[1] Frost & Sullivan defines OT as the hardware and software used for sensing and collecting data. This includes all the hardware at the edge of the network.