PST Electronic’s Recipe for Large Scale IoT Deployment Success: Leveraging a Single IoT Provider to Boost Outcomes

March 27, 2018

Recently, the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) has matured from home electronics and entertainment to smart buildings, healthcare, telematics, and beyond. It is now utilized in industries focused on pragmatic, global operations, which rely on guaranteed reliability. Functions like tracking packages, updating medical data, monitoring vehicles, and improving waste management and street lights can all now be managed remotely through smart devices wirelessly connected to a cloud-based IoT platform built for scale.

Person tapping a button on a touch screen on the dashboard of their vehicle.

While many companies have IoT initiatives, some fall short on delivering integrated rollouts and may miss financial deadlines due to not having the right deployment strategy in place. With such a wide range of uses across industries, finding the best IoT platform partner to help accelerate global deployments is essential to guaranteeing efficiency and positioning businesses for success.

For businesses looking to expand their reach, partnering with a single IoT technology provider that is agile, scalable, and experienced can help improve business outcomes by reducing risk and costs. Let’s look at why a single provider can improve IoT deployment and see how the partnership between PST Electronics and Telit is a defining example of this winning strategy.

The Three-Fold Strategy for Success in IoT Deployment

Round-the-clock, or 24/7 management of devices and data plans shouldn’t be outsourced to multiple IoT providers. Large-scale operations have too many moving parts to spend all day tracking down solutions and policies across multiple contracts.

Whether you’re switching IoT providers or seeking solutions for a first-time partnership, your organization needs to find a provider with a proven track record across these three key points:

1. Agility

Does your IoT provider have readily available solutions to easily connect and manage devices, data, apps, and communicate through the cloud without custom development? An agile provider is one that is equipped with plug-and-play solutions that ease interoperability and interworking, resulting in faster deployment and time to value.

2. Scalability

Scalability refers to how flexible a company is when it comes to supporting connected devices, users, applications, and maintenance across each of their devices as their numbers increase. Scalability is

essential for handling the growth of the IoT market in the coming decade, where the number of connected devices is expected to grow to over 21 billion by 2020.

3. Experience

What is the track record of your IoT provider? Do they provide charted growth proven with data from case studies? What professional services are available from your IoT vendor? Do they offer 24/7 service and remote management? How far does your IoT provider’s global presence reach? Make sure you’re choosing a provider that can offer guidance dealing with your industry’s unique location and industry experiences.

A Solution for Success | A Case Study for Telit and PST

Where can we see this formula in action?

Telit, a global leader in IoT enablement, and PST Electronics, which provides telematics, infotainment, comfort, and security solutions for the automotive industry, have partnered in an effort to streamline a rollout of connected car supplies and telematics solutions in Brazil and South America.

Analyst firm MachNation projects in their “State of the IoT Device Management Platform Market” report that vendor revenues of more than 100% are expected in the coming year for businesses like PST that seek to expand their reach into new markets and services.

According to a Yahoo Finance report, over 150,000 PST telematics “devices and future deployments will be enabled by Telit’s deviceWISE platform for device management, offering 24/7 management of devices, data connectivity plans and more from one easy-to-use interface, from anywhere in the world.”

The results speak for themselves

The partnership with Telit will deliver the scale, reliability, and flexibility required to best serve PST’s customers around the globe. This will enable the smooth deployment and management of smart automated features like keyless ignition, Wi-Fi and internet connectivity, tachograph monitoring, locking and alarm control, sensors, in-cabin controls, infographics, satellite navigation, pilot assist features, remote parking, and much more.

As a global leader in migrating to IoT platforms, Telit has the products, solutions, services and experience to do so with agility, scalability and experience. Telit’s Professional Services team implements a customized development and implementation strategy across every step of the process:

  • Project Design and Planning
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Knowledge Transfer

Are you ready to benefit from Telit’s IoT expertise?

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