IoT Edge to Cloud Integration Made Simple and Secure – One Manufacturer’s Story

July 25, 2018

Launching an Internet of Things initiative in your company can be overwhelming. Even with sensors in place at key points at the edge of your network, transmitting and integrating data securely in the cloud is a challenge—especially if you’re working with multiple apps, platforms, and remote equipment.

Two people in a factory wearing hardhats and looking at data on a tablet.

Manufacturers in particular are often deterred from launching an IoT initiative because of high costs of setting up sensors or updating machinery that isn’t connectible. It’s important to look beyond initial costs and consider (potentially expensive) pitfalls like technical and connectivity problems.

To alleviate some of these challenges and help reduce their overall costs manufacturers can connect all their devices using a “plug and play” IoT platform to existing cloud-based solutions. Such solutions can help reduce the cost of connecting the unconnected.

As an example, let’s look at a machine manufacturer that was incurring substantial costs in diagnosing and servicing remote equipment.

From the Edge to the Cloud: One Manufacturer’s Story

For this manufacturer, controllers on their machines periodically sent out encrypted files with diagnostics and work status information, but this data wasn’t easy to decode and translate into what was really going on.

Telit was called in to build a solution that provided on-site edge processing to feed the resulting information into a cloud database where the company can access it quickly and securely using a web application. The manufacturer has taken ownership of the app and enhanced it to meet their specific needs. With it, they can securely tunnel through our gateway to the machine, remotely accessing screens to get visibility into the machine’s performance and state.

Telit’s end-to-end solution, with access control management of data acquisition to session management of data communications, includes multi-layered security features to safeguard data, devices, applications, and the platform against external and internal cyber threats. This allows the manufacturer to manage authenticated access for all user types and control how and when staff logs in with smart-session ID and expiration timeout management.

Remote Troubleshooting, Simplified

Remote access to assets has greatly simplified the company’s troubleshooting and diagnostics efforts, saving them significant time and money on technical support. Before the IoT initiative, the company often had to fly tech support people across the country to assess problems and keep machines running.

Now, sensors capture machine alerts and transmit them to the company’s technical support center. At a glance, operators can view a generated list to see which machines need adjustment or repair. The company also uses the IoT solution for predictive maintenance. Sensors track the condition of consumable parts and alert operators when it’s time to order new ones before a failure occurs.

In addition, operators can now securely connect to the machine remotely and instantly download a new file from the cloud. Previously, when an operator accidentally erased a configuration file, someone would have to manually reload it using a USB drive or other hardware device. Many other technical problems can be solved remotely, and when personnel are needed onsite, they’re able to diagnose the issue in advance and arrive with the right parts in hand.

Revealing the Big Picture

Because the Telit solution captures data from individual programs sent from machine controllers, the manufacturer is able to securely integrate a wide variety of data and process everything in the cloud. The company’s users can access data remotely through the Telit IoT Portal, allowing them to see which lines, factories, and operators are the most efficient—providing a wide-angle view of productivity that wasn’t possible before.


This manufacturing company can now gather, integrate, and analyze data, leveraging insights to streamline efficiency and unveil new opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, a quality IoT solution gives you a clear picture of how your company is performing. Armed with new insights, you’ll be empowered to make strategic decisions and move into the future with confidence.

The Telit Difference

You can simplify the process of launching an IoT solution by adopting a reliable cloud-based IoT platform subscription service with a knowledgeable partner like Telit. With our extensive experience in the IoT space, we’re prepared to help you build a customized initiative that’s secure, scalable, and reliable.

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