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LM960A18 Gigabit LTE mPCIe Data Card

The LM960A18 is the world’s first LTE-A Pro Category 18 module. This Gigabit LTE data card supports 23 bands, including Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Band 48 and the First Responders Network Band 14. LM960A18 is also the first to go through the United Kingdom’s Emergency Services Network (ESN) review. Applications for this module include public safety, first responders and private LTE routers and gateways.

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LE910Cx-NF LTE Modules

LE910Cx-NF is the first embedded LTE module series in Categories 1 and 4 and certified for North America, Canada and First Responders. These cellular IoT modules support multiple 4G LTE bands and are the only modules in the industry to provide GPS navigation and positioning with Band 14. LE910Cx-NF is ideal for use cases such as first responder applications, mobile network devices, gateways, navigation and streaming video.

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Telit OneEdge™

Telit OneEdge is our award-winning, module-embedded software suite with prepackaged deployment and management tools that are secure and easy to use. OneEdge offers edge intelligence, embedded security, connectivity service and management, enterprise integration and centralized device management. This software suite simplifies design, deployment and management, allowing you to focus on system and app design.



Telit deviceWISE™

Telit deviceWISE is an industrial IoT platform that allows you do get your devices and apps to talk to one another. You can connect your enterprise and IoT applications, including those on Amazon, SAP and IBM Watson without creating custom code. deviceWISE reduces installation and maintenance costs, hastens time to market and offers enhanced security and reduced integration cycles.

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