5G in the Factory: How 5G IoT at the Edge can Elevate Your Manufacturing Business Strategy
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5G has already brought faster speeds and lower latency to the factory, allowing factory workers to leverage new technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, automation, and wearables, on the floor. As COVID-19 changes the manufacturing landscape with new challenges in agility and efficiency with limited personnel, 5G holds the potential for factories to switch to a more secure, remote approach and drive more business opportunities than before.

In this webinar, Telit and HMS networks will explore the opportunities that 5G offers with IoT edge technology for factories. You will learn:

  • How to optimize 5G for your business strategies.
  • How to remove barriers to 5G implementation on the factory floor.
  • The implications of your deployment options.
  • How 5G will help you pivot with changes in the 5G value chain.

Speakers: Marco Contento: VP 5G Technologies, Telit | Jens Jakobsen: R&D Manager, HMS Networks

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